Fantasy Football Tips

Here we will give you all our very best fantasy football tips. We will tell you the players to pick and the ones in form along with all the players you should be dropping. We will specialise in the Premier League this season and even have our very own fantasy league to join in. Along with the fantasy sports kings Draftkings, we have partnered up and are offering you a chance to win some big prizes. Our competitions are exclusive to SBAT followers and offer you some fantastic value going forward. The Premier League is the worlds most followed league, and this offers everyone a chance to get involved and enjoy the season.  Why not join in and see if you can beat our expert’s long term or even in a one and one upfront.

Top fantasy player to sign

Diogo Jota

Top fantasy player to drop

Eric Dier

Players to keep an eye on

Nicolas Pepe

Allan Saint-Maximin

Diogo Jota

Players to look at dropping

Teemu Pukki


Harry Kane


SBAT's Fantasy Football Best Picks

14 Mar 2020 | 15:00
Top fantasy player to sign Diogo Jota
Top fantasy player to drop Eric Dier
Players to keep an eye on Allan Saint-Maximin
Players to look at dropping Teemu Pukki
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What is Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a fast-growing competition that thousands upon thousands play each year. It’s a game where you pick eleven players for £100 million or less which you think will get you the most points. There are many different things that can happen for you to get as many points as possible which is explained below. Our aim is to give you that head start when going up against friends and family to try and finish on top come the end of the season. It is a long season meaning you need to try and keep on top of it week after week. Our expect tipsters will update this page every week by Thursday evening at 18:00 to give you loads of time to update your team going into the weekend’s fixtures using our fantasy football tips.

How does fantasy football work

Fantasy football is easy to work once you get your head around it. Before the season starts, you will be given a set amount of money that you need to use wisely to put together the very best squad. Different players are priced differently with the likes of Sergio Aguero, Alexis Sanchez & Harry Kane towards the high end of the market. This makes it interesting as you will struggle to get many of the top players into the same squad, meaning you have to pick your players very wisely. New signings generally start at a lower price unless they are already a well-known player around the world. So if you have someone come into your club or maybe a rivals club and think they could be a hit, it may be a good idea to get them in there earlier.

Each week you will be scored depending on how all of your players do. There are many things that your players can be rated on, with goals obviously being the biggest point booster in the competition. Below we explain how all points can be made. Fantasy football is used on the English top flight, the Premier League. With the Premier League being one of the biggest leagues in the world, it is fun to do as everyone tends to know players in the league.

Once you have made your team, before the beginning of the season you can change it as many times as you want. However, once the season commences you will be restricted to just one free transfer each game week. If you are wanting to change more than one, you will need to let go of four points for each extra transfer. If you do not use your transfer one week, you will be able to use two the following, but you will never be allowed more than 2.

Throughout the season you will also get the chance at using four different wild cards.

All-out attack – This wild card allows you to go very attractively one week using a 2-5-3 formation. You want to try and use this on a gameweek you think there will be loads of goals as you can only use it once a season.

Bench boost – This wild card allows you to get all of your points from the players on your bench as well as the 11 players. This is a great one to get loads of points and edge away from your competitors.

Triple captain – This one explains it in the title. Whoever you have as your captain will get 3x the points when you use this wild card. Usually your captain will get double, but this one could be the difference come the end of the season.

Wildcard – This could be the most important one you use throughout the season. It is hard to work out when you want to use these, but the wildcard allows you to change your entire squad for a gameweek. This is great to use if you have a number of injuries or suspensions

What fantasy football tips we offer here at SBAT

Here at SBAT, we want to try and help you do as good as possible throughout the season. Each week our expert tipsters will update the page, bringing you our tips on who you should put into your squad, who you should drop, players to keep an eye on, players to look at dropping, our best team of the week and players who are currently suspended or injured. We spend hours each week researching to see who the best picks are.

There are many different things that we take into consideration when picking our very best fantasy football tips. For example, if one week a player is on fire and up against one of the teams lower down in the league, we would suggest getting him in your squad. But this could also be the opposite way around. If a player is on good form but has a few weeks against tough opponents such as Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal, it may be worth getting him out as you could be losing points.

If a defensively solid team is coming up against 2 sides who are struggling to score in the next two weeks, we will bring you the best tips making sure you can pick out those hidden gems to increase your chance of getting maximum points week in, week out.

Another thing we need to take into consideration is the double weeks. On some occasions, your players will go into weeks where they may play 2-3 times in a single week, meaning you want to try and get as many players from that team into your team as possible as it could bring you in a lot of points.

We look into all this intensively to make sure we are always bringing you the very best tips for fantasy football.

How do you score points on Fantasy Football

There are many different ways to score points on fantasy football. Here they are with the points you can gain.

Play up to 60 mins: 1 point
Play 60 mins or more: 2 points
Goal scored by goalkeeper/defender: 6 points
Goal scored by midfielder: 5 points
Goal scored by forward: 4 points
Assist: 3 points
Clean Sheet by goalkeeper/defender: 4 points
Clean Sheet by midfielder: 1 point
Every 3 shots saved by goalkeeper: 1 point
Penalty save by goalkeeper: 5 points
Penalty miss: -2 points
Best players in match: 1-3 points
For every 2 goals conceded by goalkeeper/defender: -1 points
Yellow card: -1 points
Red card: -3 points
Own goal: -2 points

What other tips do we offer here at SBAT?

Here at SBAT the tips are endless. We offer all sorts of tips from all sorts of sports around the world, making sure you are never without a bet!

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The tips do not stop there, with our tipsters tipping sports such as golf, rugby, tennis and much more!

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].