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Here is our value bet of the day for today, this bet offers the best chance of a long-term profit. We pick out the bet we feel has the best chance of long-term profit each day. As this is our football betting tips page we pick out the best football value bet for this page. The idea is this bet gives you a greater chance of winning than the odds reflect giving you the value.

Value Football Betting Tip Of The Day

Bayern Munich v Man Utd Harry Kane to score first & 1-1 draw

Bet of the day explained

Good day everybody, here we have today’s bet of the day betting tips and predictions. Take a look at our tip of the day. Our experts have looked through all of today’s sporting events, and these are the best bets of the day. We have a multitude of sports covered in today’s bets, this includes Football, Basketball, NFL, Motorsport, Tennis, Rugby, UFC, Cricket, Golf, Boxing and Darts. Along with that we will pick out our best value bet of the day for you as well, along with our favourite football accumulator of the day. We will also add in our Horse Racing Nap of the day each morning. Here at SBAT, we have a group of expert tipsters who look through everything so you don’t have to. They will analyse all the form, conditions, team news and local knowledge when picking out their bet of the day for you. Our team of tipsters have expertise in all sports, we will give you betting tips from football, rugby top bets, horse racing naps, cricket best bets, basketball betting tips, NFL bets, the top betting football accumulator of the day much more. As well as picking out the best betting tips of the day we will also pick the games we feel you are most likely to profit from. Just check out our value bet of the day, this could be from any sport including football, cricket, rugby, horse racing, boxing, baseball, basketball, NFL, Esports, tennis or any other you can think of. Check out all our accumulator betting tips here. Follow our World Cup Betting Tips here. For more bets of the day check out football tips.

Our experts have trawled the internet and spoke with people in the know, to gather as much information as possible. We do this to ensure the bet of the day is the best bet possible. Every day we will update our latest tips for you and let you judge us on our results.

For more tips check out our betting tips page with lots more to pick from. You can also check the bookmaker free games page, where we have all the best free competitions for you.

Here at SBAT we spend hours every day picking out the best bets of the day coming from all different sports around the world. Here we will go into some in detail on what sports we choose from at different times throughout the year.

Most popular sports to bet on

Here we list the sports that tend to stay on our Bet Of The Day page for the majority of the year. These sports are probably bet on more than any other and go on all year round.

Football betting

As you may know, football betting is very popular around the world meaning we concentrate on getting bets related to football out every day of the year. Football betting has got bigger year after year, with punters taking a lot of money from the bookmakers. That is exactly what we are here to try and do. We want to help you all win as much money through betting as possible and is the main reason why we put hours of work in every day. As well as our best bets of the day, we also bring you are best accas of the day.

Horse racing betting

Horse racing betting is another market which is increasing massively. Here at SBAT we bring you our favourite horse racing tip of the day on our bet of the day page, which we think will see you walk away with a good profit. Over the years we have had a lot of success through horse racing betting, making thousands in profit. There is defiantly money to be made in the sport, but a lot has to be taken into consideration when placing a bet. There are things such as the jockey, the surface, the weight, age that all need to be taken into account when picking horse racing bets. We are here to do all the hard work and research for you. Every day we have horse racing accumulators which pay our huge amounts. If you want to check it out, do so here.

Tennis betting

Tennis is another sport increasing in popularity in the betting world. With the pros competing in various competitions all year round such as Wimbledon, The Frech Open, The Australian Open and much more, it keeps punters happy as there is always something to bet on. Tennis betting can be hard as certain players like specific venue’s, surfaces, etc. We have experts on board who do all this research for you, so all you need to do is place the bets and watch the money roll into your account. There are many different markets you can bet on in tennis. You can do set betting, a match-winner, handicap results, plus much more. Our tennis betting tips are put up every day there are matches.

Cricket betting

Cricket betting is one of the markets where we make a huge profit. There are so many major cricket tournaments on throughout the year which keeps us punters happy. Once again, we have experts in the area who know the sport inside out, and when it comes to having a bet on the cricket, it’s very rare they are wrong. Our cricket betting tips are put up every day there is a game, but it is a sport that could go a few days without matches in the offseason. If this is the case, we will swap it for another sport in our Bet Of The Day.

Rugby betting

Rugby betting is gaining a lot of interest, especially when there is major tournaments going on. Rugby is another sport where there can be days where no games are played. This is because in most cases, games are played between Friday and Monday. But don’t be mistaken, there can be games throughout the week. Our best rugby betting tips will always be included in our bet of the day.

UFC & Boxing betting

UFC and Boxing betting are growing massively, with huge names coming out of the sport which is bringing lots of people to wanting to have a punt. There are many more fights on every weekend apart from just the big names, making is a good market to make some money. People have made thousands from boxing bets in the past and us at SBAT have a great record when it comes to UFC and boxing bets.

American sports 

Throughout the year, there are many sports from across the pond that are very popular to bet on. The American sports bring in a lot of profit to punters each year and we want to help you get a much as possible. A great thing about American sport is it is on almost all year round, as well as this it’s on late at night which means you can wake up to a big boom.

NHL betting

One of our most popular markets from USA is NHL betting. For those who don’t know the NHL is a league playing ice hockey. It is a growing sport in the US, as well as around the world meaning more and more people are starting to bet on it. With games being played near enough every day during the peak season, you really need to do the research and that is what we are here to do. Our NHL betting tips will be included in our bet of the day every time there is enough games to pick a safe bet.

NBA betting

NBA is another popular sport in the US and with many games almost every day during the season, there is always money to be made through NBA betting. Our NBA betting tips are included in our bet of the day most days unless the rare occasion there isn’t a game. Through offseason, NBA betting tips will be taken out and replaced by another sport. We also put together accumulators daily for both NBA and NHL.

MLB betting

Baseball is a sport played from around April to November and with games always being played between then, there is always money to be made through baseball betting. MLB is a very popular tournament in America and around the world. Our MLB betting tips will be put into our bet of the day every time there is a bet we think is good enough to be involved, as we don’t want to be putting bets up we are not 100% sure on. MLB betting is on the up, and we want to make sure we maximise your profits.

NFL betting

NFL betting is huge when it comes to the major tournaments and especially the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is one of the most bet on events of the year and we want to make sure you are always picking the winning NFL bets every time there is a game. It is not a sport that we will have on our bet of the day all year round, but when there are big events on, we will have the best NFL betting tips for you.

As seasons progress we will add in and take away certain sports. The NFL season kicks off in September so that will be added, sports like basketball will be added as the season kicks off. If you are ever struggling to understand the rules make sure you check out our betting guides, also check out our free bets page for plenty of free bets. Here at SBAT we pride ourselves on our tips, if you notice anything wrong do email us at [email protected] or if you have any suggestions.

Good luck with all your bets let us know if you have some big winners.