Here we have our Scoop6 betting tips and predictions

Every Saturday Betfred  & Totesport give everyone the chance to win a huge amount of money through their Scoop Six competition. For those who don't know, it is a game where you need to pick the winners of six different horse races to win all or a share of a huge some of cash. All it takes to get involved is having a Betfred and/or Totesport account set up which you can do here and have a minimum of £2 in your account. Yes, that is all you need to be in with a chance of becoming a millionaire through Betfred's and Totesport Scoop Six competition. For our daily horse racing tips you can check out our page which is updated every day.

Here we will bring you our verdict on the outcome of each of the selected races each week. Our expert horse racing tipsters spend hours upon hours each week looking for the very best bets for you on all of our pages. 

Our Betfred and Totesport Scoop Six betting tips and predictions will be up by Friday at 18:00 every week.

Scoop 6 Betting Tips and Predictions

This Saturday's Scoop Six races are yet to be confirmed. Please check back after 12:00 on Friday!

Time Venue Tip
13:20 Sandown  Perfect Pirate 
14:05 Chepstow  Beware The Bear 
14:45 Chepstow  Shantou Bob 
15:00 Sandown  Benbens 
15:35 Sandown  Our Merlin 
15:45 Wincanton  Lagavara 

What is Betfred Scoop 6?

Saturdays Betfred Scoop6 is a competition the bookmaker put on weekly to give all us punters the chance to win a lot of money. All you need to do is pick the winners of six different horse races, and it would change your life forever. If there is no winner one week, the jackpot will be carried over to the following Saturday. Previously, the jackpot has reached as high as £11 million, which is life changing money if you guess correctly.

How does Betfred Scoop6 work?

With the huge amount of money up for grabs, many will now be asking how do you get involved? Well, it's very simple. It is very similar to how the lottery works. You pay £2 for a line, which is one horse from each of the selected races each Saturday. If you would like to pick more than one horse in all, or a few of the races then you can, but it will come at an extra cost. Wondering how to work out the overall cost? Check out our guide of Betfred and Totesport Scoop Six here.

You may think it’s really tough to pick six winners in one day. However, you have a back up with something called the Scoop Six place fund. This is another pot, giving you the chance to win a good lump sum of money if all six of your horse's place in their races. Remember, different races have a different amount of places up for grabs.

To make things even better, if you win the Scoop 6, you will then have the chance to win something else called the Scoop 6 bonus. You will get the chance to pick one horse in the bonus race the following week. If you win, you are looking at bagging yourself another fortune, with the pot once rising to as much as £5 million (not always the case).

The last competition you will be entered into will be the Starting Fund pot. This makes sure there is always a roll over for the following week. 5% of the current jackpot will be moved into a separate pot which will get the following week's competition up and running if there is a winner the week before.

What happens if one of my horses is a void?

If one of the horses you have chosen in a non runner, don’t worry! You are not out of the competition, instead your horse will be replaced by the starting price favourite (SP).

What is the best strategy for Scoop Six?

The best way to have the best chance is by doing the research. There are many different things in horse racing that could have an impact on the outcome of the event. Things like the ground, jockey, handicap, venue, distance, etc all need to be taken into consideration. However, this is what we are here to do. Our expert horse racing tipsters spend hours each week picking the very best horses to win each race. This way, we can all be a winner!

What races are used for Saturdays Betfred Scoop 6?

The Scoop Six competition runs every Saturday, with six races being selected at random from Betfred. They usually use the races that are being shown live on Channel 4.

What are some tips for Scoop 6?

With the jackpot being so big, it is always worth having a go on Saturdays Scoop6 competition. It isn’t a lot to get involved each week and the rewards are massive if you can guess all six correctly. We do all the research you will need to find the best horse from each race, but it always worth having a little look yourself as you may fancy something different from our expert horse racing tipster.

How does the Betfred Scoop 6 competition run?

It’s simple how this game is run. You pick the horses you think are going to win each race, if you win all of them, you are looking at a monster payout and if they all place, you are looking for a good sum of money. All you need to do to get involved is have a Betfred account set up, which you can do here.

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