Scoop 6 Explained

Scoop 6 Explained

The Scoop 6 was launched over 16 years ago in July 1999. The Scoop Six has become one of Britain’s most famous horse racing bets. Scoop 6 was launched by Totesport, and is now available on both Totesport and Betfred. Scoop Six is run on Saturdays and occasionally on other days such as Boxing Day. This has been branded this way as the Scoop 6 races are typically chosen as the trestle televised races, so that the punter can watch along with his bets. One of the main reasons that the Totesport Scoop Six has become so appealing to the horse racing punter, is that you can win vast sums of money for only a small stake. The stake for the Scoop 6 is £2 for one line, and the jackpot has been as high as 10m thanks to the rollover system.


What is the Scoop 6

The Scoop 6 is a popular horse racing bet, that is very similar to a lottery payout system. If you would like to check out our Scoop6 betting tips and predictions for this week, click here! You will need to pick a horse in six specific UK horse races. Your stake for the bet is £2 for one line; your stake is then split into four separate prize funds; Win Fund, Bonus fund, Place fund and Starting fund.

Scoop 6 win fund

To win your share of the win fund, you will need to pick all six winners of all 6 races.

Scoop 6 Bonus fund

If all of your six selections are placed in the races, then you will win a share of the place fund.

Bonus fund

All win fund winners will be entered into the bonus fund for the following week, to win the bonus fund you will need pick the winner of the nominated bonus race.

Starting fund 

The starting fund ensures that there will be a rollover every week, 5% of the Scoop6 turnover goes straight into the starting fund. Once the Scoop six-win fund has been won, the starting fund moves into the win fund for the following week.

The Scoop6 payout all depends on a couple of things, the number of winning entries, then any prize fund is split between how many winning entries there are much like a lottery. The second is the number of entries overall, as the more people that bet on the Scoop six, the more money will be in the funds. If there are no winners of the Scoop6, then the pool is rolled over the following week, this is how the jackpot can grow to a considerable amount.

Scoop 6 Races

The Scoop Six races are announced around midday on the Friday before the races. They can be found first here on the Scoop6 website. They also give you the starting amounts for the pool that has been rolled over from the previous week if there were no winners.

How to place a Scoop 6 bet

To place a Scoop Six bet you will need either a Betfred or Totesport account, you can sign up to Betfred here or Totesport here. Once you have an account then you need to be in Totepool tab, you can bet on the Scoop6 in here along with normal horse racing betting. You can also bet on the Scoop Six at all major races course up and down the country.


How much does Scoop 6 cost & how do you improve your chances of winning?

The quick answer on how you can improve your chances of winning is to pick more horses, but this comes at an increased cost. The minimum stake for the Scoop 6 is £2; this allows you to chose one horse per race. Don’t be scared it’s easy to work out the extra cost: All you have to do is multiply the number of selections in each race.

I.E, if you selected one horse in the first four Scoop Six races, then two horse in races five and six then the sum would be 1x1x1x1x2x2 = 4. 4 lines x £2 (min stake) = £8.

Or if you were to pick two-horse per race it would come at the cost of £128, as 2x2x2x2x2x2 = 64. Then 64×2 = £128

Or the last way of improving your chances of winning is to check out our daily horse racing tips; these can be found Here, our specialist horse racing tipsters are here seven days a week giving you all the best daily horse racing tips.

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