£25 To £1000 Challenge Bet Tips

Challenge bets are very attractive to new and old gamblers, it gives you a great chance of winning large amounts of money from a small stake. The idea behind it is you start with a set amount of money, you then invest this whole stake in one bet, if this then wins you reinvest the whole stake plus your winnings in your next bet. You keep doing this until you have hit your desired target or wish to stop. Here we will start with £25 and aim to hit £1000 using our betting tips. We are using William Hill for our challenge bets as if you use them you can get a bet boost on our bet giving you slightly better odds on our bet.

£25 to £1000 Challenge Bet 1

Celtic v Aberdeen (SCOTLAND Premiership) Over 2.5 goals
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What is a Challenge bet?

New to challenge bets? Well, you’re in luck! You are now going to know the best way of gambling to turn a small £25 into huge amounts such as £1000 and £10,000. The £25-£10,000 is a very popular way of betting and is so easy to do. How we do this, you may ask? What we do is start with £25 and continue rolling it over until we finally have £10,000 in our accounts.

For our challenge bets, we use William Hill. The reason we use William Hill is because they offer the widest range of games and markets, which gives us the best possible chance of picking the best bets. They are also well known to have the best odds on the market, which increases our returns from each bet we place. Challenge bets take around 17-18 bets to smash £10,000, and we look to take odds of around 2/5. At SBAT we have smashed the £25-£1000 countless times and have also hit £10,000 on a few occasions. It is something you do not want to miss out on. As well as all this William Hill offer the bet boost which gives you increased odds on a single bet each day, this means we get the very best value out of our challenge bets. You can check out some more of our tips here with our football accumulators or our football betting tips.

How to get involved in our challenge bets

To get involved with our challenge bets, you must have a William Hill account with funds. There are many reasons why we choose to do our challenge bets with William Hill. As mentioned above, they have the best odds and more markets in games all around the world. Another thing that puts them above the rest is their in-play markets. They offer more games than any other bookmaker once games are in play, which makes it easier for us to pick our bets if we can’t decide on a bet prior to the match (pre-game).

What is ‘Challenge betting’

Challenge betting is something for new gamblers and old gamblers. It gives you the opportunity to go and win a big amount of money, at only a small risk. The whole concept of challenge bets involves investing a certain stake (which we suggest at £25) into a single bet of odds around 2/5. If that bet goes on to win, you will reinvest the whole stake into the next bet, as well as the profit you made. You keep doing this until you have turned £25 into £1000. We try to pick the best bets throughout the day which have the highest chance of coming in. If you want to make sure you are not losing money on these challenge bets, we always advise you take back your steak after a few bets. For example, if we turn £25 into £100, it would be a good idea to take back the £25 we started with just in case the challenge goes on to lose. Fancy getting involved?

Other tips and predictions from SBAT tipsters

As always here at SBAT we try and cater for every sort of gambler and we provide you with all the tips you need. Our team of tipsters all have their individual expertise and they will give you all the best tips they can provide you with the very best tips and predictions, below we have listed some of the best options for betting tips depending on the sports you like.

Type of bets we use for our challenges

When looking for bets, there are certain markets we look at as they tend to have the odds we are looking at. Here I will explain what sort of bets we choose in our challenge bets, so you can familiarise yourself with them. In-play: An in-play bet is once the game has kicked off or live. This is possibly an option our SBAT tipsters will use more often than not as it gives them the chance to see how sides have started before posting. However, this is not something we will be doing on this page. Pre-game: This is a bet we place before the game has kicked off. These are the type of bets we will be using on this page, as it gives everyone more time to get involved. No clean sheet: This is a market we use very often for our challenges. No clean sheet is basically betting on a side to concede. So say Chelsea are playing Liverpool. If you do Liverpool no clean sheet, you are betting on Chelsea to score and Liverpool to concede. Over 0.5/1.5 match goals: This option says it in the name. You are betting on how many goals there will be in the game. If you have placed a bet on the over 0.5 match goals market, 1 goal would win you the bet. To win either half: This is when you bet on a certain team to win one-half of the game. Say the side you have backed are losing 1-0 at half time, you still have a high chance to win the bet, even if they draw 1-1 as they would have won the second half of the match. First-half goal: This is where you back a first half goals in the match. It is very rare that we would put a bet up which has over 1.5 goals as it wouldn’t be the safest bet. But for there to be just one goal in the first half is common. Double chance: This is where you bet on a team to either win or draw the match. This gives you a bit of safety if we are not 100% on the win market. There are other markets we use, but these are the most common markets you will see.