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DraftKings Fantasy Sports

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DraftKings Bookmaker Review

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DraftKings fantasy sports was founded by a couple of guys from the printing company VistaPrint back in 2012. Armed with a cool $25 million in venture capital they set out to create the definitive daily fantasy sports website and have been growing by leaps and bounds ever since. In 2014 they secured a further $40 million in funding which has enabled them to expand into many different types of fantasy sports and to upgrade their software to some of the best in the business. While the site was a bit glitchy at first, those upgrades have turned the website into a dependable, easy to use fantasy resource which is reflected in the amount of winnings they distribute every year – now close to $1 billion.

Sports they Offer

DraftKings fantasy sports offer a full range of fantasy sports to bet on including Premier League, golf, college basketball, college football, MMA, American football, basketball, baseball and NHL offerings. For better or worse you won’t see much in the line of variations like snake drafts or “pick fives’. Their salary cap contests are pretty traditional.

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Types of Fantasy Bets

  • 50/50s – 50/50s are a pretty safe bet and consequently are one of the most popular betting options on DraftKings. In a nutshell, if your choices get into the top 50% of the standings you’ll win something. Is it a sure thing that will happen? Of course not. But it is, as we say, one of the safest bets in fantasy sports. This is a good option for those just getting their feet wet with fantasy sports or those who just aren’t all that sure about the quality of their line-up.
  • Tournament action – The site offers a number of fantasy tournaments you can enter. One of the good things about tournament betting is that the payout doesn’t change regardless of the number of people entering into each tournament. Tournaments aren’t easy to win but if you can win one of the payouts are usually very generous.
  • Head-to-Head – Head-to-Head matchups are daily contests between your pick and the picks of one other person on that day. Should your choice come out on top with more points than your opponent’s pick, you win.
  • Leagues – Standard fantasy leagues are typically long term affairs whereas daily fantasy leagues might pop up on any day and last a week. Prizes vary depending on the size and duration of the league but you won’t have to wait until the end of the season for your payoff should you win.
  • Rapid Fire – The rapid fire bet consists of you responding to a proposal from DraftKings. That proposal is typically in the form of them (DK) challenging you to decide which of 2 players will do better on a given day. For example, they might ask you who will score more points today LeBron James or Stephen Curry. Get a certain number of these individual challenges correct and you win.
  • Step Games – These Step contests have exploded in popularity in recent years. The Step contest is typically comprised of 10 people, and you have to place either 1st or 2nd out of 10 in order to advance. If you manage to win one of these you could be looking at a substantial chunk of change.

Things we like about DraftKings

If you’re a fan of fantasy sports, you’ll want to look into DraftKings sign up. From the intuitive nature of their website to the vast array of betting options, you’ll find on any given day. There are no ‘dead days’ on DraftKings due to the array of their fantasy offerings. And the amount you can bet is not as tightly controlled as it is on some other fantasy sites. Basically, you are free to wager as much or little as you like.

DraftKings fantasy sports also offers maybe the most generous DraftKings sign up bonus available on any fantasy website. They will basically double your initial deposit. What could be better than that? What? Tripling your initial deposit? Okay. That would be better, but doubling is pretty good when you consider there is no limit. The DraftKings sign up bonus is something they have featured since they first powered up the website, so it’s unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon. The company also have a reputation for paying out in full on time. Which is something more punters really appreciate?

The website as we alluded to earlier is clean and clear. Not the best looking we’ve ever seen but good enough from a visual standpoint with intuitive navigation and plenty of choices at your disposal. We didn’t have to spend any time trying to figure out how the site works or how to place bets. Everything is laid out logically, and they obviously put some thought into the design.

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What We’re Not So Crazy About

DraftKings fantasy sports does a good job offering none-too-imaginative fantasy offerings on a decent variety of sports. Despite the DraftKings sign up bonus they are more than a bit thin on their daily free rolls. Typically the company offers them only on the absolute biggest sporting events. And while something is better than nothing you’d think that a company that can pay out over $1 billion in yearly winnings would be able to come up with something more imaginative in this department. Also, their golf offerings are definitely wanting in most every regard. Which is a shame since youngsters like Jordan Spieth have captured the imagination of many in the golf community (and don’t forget that a certain former world #1 is poised to resume action this coming spring). Also it seems to us that golf was tailor-made for Head-to-Heads and the like. So we tend to agree with those who say that golf is a weakness.

DraftKings Conclusion

In general DraftKings fantasy sports are a reliable fantasy sports bookmaker who offer some decent and reliable payouts along with a generous DraftKings sign up bonus. That’s great. It just seems to us that with all their financial backing they could offer just a bit more in the above mentioned areas or offer something completely unexpected like pro bowling.

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