How to bet on Greyhounds

Greyhound betting explained

Here we will explain how Greyhound racing works and how to bet on Greyhound racing. Greyhound racing isn’t one of the world’s biggest sports, but it is a popular social sport in the UK. People enjoy going to Greyhound racing and having a little punt on the dogs.

How Greyhound racing works

Greyhound racing is a sport which sees up to eight dogs race around an oval track. The dogs will be chasing a dummy hare and the first to get the whole way around the track wins. They all start in little traps (gates) and will begin when they open. The Greyhounds will be in different colour jackets to show which number they are and which one you want to win. There are usually specific numbers for specific gates. Here they are:

Trap 1 – Red

Trap 2 – Blue

Trap 3 – White

Trap 4 – Black

Trap 5 – Orange

Trap 6 – Black & White Stripes

Trap 7 – Green & White Stripes

Trap 8 – Pink

These are just the predicted colours so that they can vary in different countries and different events.

What bets can you place on greyhound racing?

Here we will explain all the different betting markets you can bet on in Greyhound racing. With all the simple and not so simple explained.

Outright winner

This is where you bet on the Greyhound you feel will win the race.

Place only

This is where you will pick a greyhound that you think will finish in either 1st or 2nd position. If they do, you will be returned.

This is where you will pick two greyhounds that you think will finish in the first and in second. For this, the one you pick to finish first will have to win and the one you pick to finish second will also have to.

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Reverse Forecast

This is slightly similar to the one mentioned above. However, instead, the Greyhounds have to finish in the order, the two dogs can finish in either first or second.

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Tricast is very similar to the forecast, but instead of picking just two dogs; you will be picking the three you think will come first. For this one, the dogs have to finish in the exact order you have put them in.

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Reverse Tricast

As before it is the same. Instead, the three dogs you pick can finish anywhere in the top three, rather than in the right order.

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Combination bets

Combination bets cover two, three and on some occasions four greyhounds at once. The easiest way to explain this one to you is by giving an example. If you have picked three dogs and placed that into a forecast combination, you are basically placing six different bets, so the stake you put will be timed by six. If anyone of the three dogs finishes in the top two, your bet will be successful and will get some kind of return.

You can bet on the trap you think is going to win rather than the dog itself. The Greyhounds will be given their traps before the race, and if you are just picking it from luck, that is something you can do. But you can obviously also look at the dog in the trap to see form etc.

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Greyhound to lose

You can also bet on the horse you think is going to finish in last place.

Photo finish bets

If the race has to go to a photo finish, you can jump on and bet on the dog you think has snatched it. This will be an in-play bet only.