Straight forecast and reverse forecasts explained

Here we will explain how straight forecasts and reverse forecasts work when betting on horse racing. This is a different way of betting on races and can show huge returns on your bets from small stakes. It’s not easy to pick forecasts but when they do hit it is very much worthwhile. There are two main ways of forecasts, which I will explain to you so you have the very best chance of profiting from your bets.

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Straight Forecast

The first of the forecasts you can do is called a straight forecast. This is where you pick two horses in a single race to finish in either first or second position. However, the horse you pick to win and the horse you pick to come second must be in that order for your bet to win. This means you are betting on the exact order in which these horses come in the race. It is effectively a double in which both events must happen exactly as described. If either of the horses finish outside the spot you have put a bet on them finishing, you will not have a return from your bet. Whatever you stake is on this bet, will stay the same as it is just a single bet. An example of this is if you bet on horse A to win and horse B to come second in your forecast, the only way you win is if horse A wins and horse B comes 2nd.

How to pick a forecast

Here we will show you how to pick a forecast on our favourite bookmaker William Hill. To find your forecast first of all find horse racing and select the race in which you wish to place your forecast. Then scroll down to where it says Forecast/Tricast it will look like the picture below.

Once you have found this, you then need to select the order in which you feel the horse will finish in. For a forecast, you just need to tick 1st or 2nd, once you have ticked them you need to click add to betslip. Your betslip should look like the bet picture to the side. Once this is in your betslip enter your stake and click confirm bet and your bet is placed. You can see from this betslip the odds are 22.3, meaning if you have a £1 bet your return would be £23.30 showing you a profit of £22.30.

Reverse forecast

A reverse forecast is the second method and this is only slightly different. In this one, you pick two horses to come first and second in the race, but it doesn’t matter what order in the top two they come. Both the horses selected must come in the first two though to show any returns from your bet.An example of this would be an EW forecast for horse A to come first and horse B to come second, your bet would win if; horse A comes first and horse B comes second or if horse B comes first and horse A comes 2nd.

The stake on this kind of bet is slightly different. If you go to put £10 on, you will be putting £20 onto the bet. The reason for this is simple. It is practically like placing two separate bets, so you will be charged double the amount. The payout on reverse forecasts is often at reduced odds compared to a forecast, this is because most bookmakers will only give you SP (starting price) odds rather than the odds at the time.

How to place a reverse forecast

To place a reverse forecast, you will first need to go to horse racing, then select the horse race you wish to bet on. From there scroll down until you see forecast/tricast. You will see an image like the one below. You need to pick the two horses you think will finish first and 2nd and tick the box with both. Once that is done you need to click add to betslip.

This will then add the bet to your betslip, and it will look like the picture to the side. You now need to enter your stake, be aware whatever you enter into the stake box will then be doubled as it is two bets. One is on the straight forecast the 2d is on the reverse forecast so whatever order they finish in you will win, as long as your two selection are 1st and 2nd. Once you have done this click, confirm bet, and your bet is on.