Challenge betting explained

What is a challenge bet

Here we will explain how challenge bets work and the system behind them. Challenge bets are very attractive to new and old gamblers; it gives you a great chance of winning large amounts of money from a small stake. The idea behind it is you start with a set amount of money, you then invest this whole stake in one bet, if this then wins, you reinvest the whole stake, plus your winnings in your next bet. You keep doing this until you have hit your desired target or wish to stop. The idea is you pick bets which have a very high possibility of happening to increase your chances of winning regularly. Some people change this up slightly to reduce the risk and may take back their initial stake after a few bets, meaning they only risk the bookmaker’s money after that. This takes longer to achieve your goal but reduces the risk. You can follow our SBAT betting challenge here. Or check out our social betting challenge explained here.

Challenge betting systems are very attractive to punters as it is the draw of big rewards from small amounts which draws them. The idea being you could start out with a small amount and turn this into a big amount within a limited number of bets. The most important thing to remember though is that to achieve your target every bet must win, if you have one loser, then the chain is broken, and your stake is lost.

What types of challenges are there?

Nowadays there are many different versions of challenges. This varies in size and outcome at the end. Some of the most common are listed below.

£10 to £1000

This means you start with £10 and plan to turn it into £1000. Many people approach this differently, but our favourite method is to try and pick bets around 1/2 (1.5) and turn this over 12 times to get to £1000. Alternatively, though you could pick shorter odds around 1/10 (1.1) and this would take around 46 bets to get to your target. You could even go riskier though and take odds of evens or greater; this would then only take seven bets to get to your target. Remember though this only works if every bet wins one loser and your money is lost.

£25 to £2000

This is our favourite type of challenge, and we have completed numerous amounts of these. With this challenge, you start with £20 and aim to get it to £2000. To do this, we pick odds around 2/5 (1.4) this would then get us to our target in 14 bets. This challenge offers great rewards, and with the reduced odds limits the risk.

300 Bet Challenge

This is a very long-winded challenge and as the name suggests can take 300 bets to get to your target. The idea here is you take very short odds around 1/50 (1.02) and keep betting for 300 bets reinvesting your stake and bet as always each time. This way after 300 bets you should be around £15,000 at the end. This system takes a very long time to complete, and due to the fact it involves, 300 bets is highly unlikely.

What do you need to do

First off you need to get yourself a betting account, if you are going to follow our challenges, I suggest getting a William Hill account as you will need one. Some of our bets are only available with William Hill, and they offer the best odds.

Then you need to decide what stake to invest remember only bet what you can afford to lose as this system is not guaranteed. After that you can start picking your bets, now this may sound easy, but our tipsters spend a lot of time studying form and teams to make sure they pick the very best bets. It’s important to make sure you pick the very best bets as one loser, and you are out. Even then though our tipsters do lose but still show very good long term profit doing this.

What sort of bets do we use?

Our tipsters spend a lot of time looking for the very best bets, often though you will see similar bets time and time again. Below are some key terms and bets we use.

  • In-play: this is when a game is being played or is live, not pre-match. Often our tipsters will find a bet that looks good but have to wait for in-play until the odds they want to be hit. The tipsters will often put the bet up late but tell you to wait until the odds hit when the game is live and being played. Again this is very much when you need a William Hill account as they cover more in plays than anyone.
  • Pre-match: this is a bet placed before the game kicks off.
  • No clean sheet: This is one of the most common bets we use, this bet means you are betting on a team to concede. To find this bet on William Hill you go to the game you want, then select goals and scroll down and it will look like the picture below.
  • Over 1.5 match goals: This is when we bet on a certain amount of goals to be scored in a match. In this case, we need two goals to be scored for the bet to win. You will find this market located in the games menu, then goals and often it is under alternative goals. It looks like the picture below.
  • To win either half: This is when we bet on a team to win either the first half or the second half. To do this, a team more score one goal more than their opponent in the first or second half. This market can be found on William Hill when you go to the match then specials, to select the home team to win either half you need to select the odds under the one column, to select the away team to win either half then select the odds under the 2 section.
  • First-half goal: This is when we bet on there being a goal scored in the first half of a game, so for this bet to win we need one or more goals to be scored in the first half. You can find this under the match markets then under goals on William Hill It looks like the picture below.
  • Goaline:  This is similar to over unders/overs on goals. With this, we bet on a set amount of goals over or under. The difference here is we can bet on over 1.0 goals, this means if there are 0 goals the bet loses, if there is one goal we get our money back, and if there are two goals or more it wins. To find this go to the game then select Asian lines and scroll down.
  • Double Chance: This is when you bet on the double result of a game. This means you can bet on the home team or draw, meaning if the home to win or it’s a draw you win. You can bet on the away team or draw, meaning if the away team win or it’s a draw then you win. Lastly, you can bet on either team to win, meaning you win if either team win. This is in the main markets section of each game.
  • Goal before:  This is when we bet on a goal being scored before a set time, this is a very common in-play bet and can often be found towards the bottom of the markets. This is only available to a few bookmakers so again it is important for you to use William Hill for your bets.

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Tips and hints

  • Using challenge bets as a long term method can be very profitable, but you have to remember you won’t always win. Here we have listed some important things to keep an eye on.
  • Patience:  This is extremely important as it takes time to build the bets if you don’t win the first time try again. Your strike rate in hitting these only has to be 1 in 50 to make a good profit.
  • Odds: make sure you decide what odds you want and stick to them, be patient and wait for the odds you want.
  • Markets:  pick markets you like and understand, stick to them, and you will do alright.
  • Do your research:   make sure you know the game, check for injuries and form. If you don’t have time to do this pick one of our tipsters who do it all for you.
  • Discipline: this is very important, don’t chase bets wait for them to come to you if there is nothing you like then wait and don’t bet.
  • Cash-out:  A good strategy is to take some money out early and bank it, this way you are only betting with bookie money.

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Where do challenge bet systems come from

Challenge bet systems are known under several names, the true name for it is compound interest betting, this takes it’s name from a similar system within stocks and financial trading in the banking sector. Other names for it include rolling accumulators or cumulative betting system. The basic system doesn’t change under any of these names. The basic idea is you start with a set amount; it doesn’t matter how much just use what you can afford. You then invest this amount in one single bet, try and pick a bet that has the best chance of winning. Should this win you then reinvest the stake plus all your winnings in the next bet, you then keep doing this again and again until you hit your set cash out amount.

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