Sky Sports Fantasy Six a Side Tips

16 Aug 2019
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Sky Fantasy Football Six a Side competition is now over, but we have plenty of tips available on our Fantasy Football Tips page and Sky Super Six page. Feel free to check our Free Bookmaker Page for loads of free to play competitions such as Coral Correct 4, BetWay 4 to Score, 888Sport Up for 8, etc.

What is Sky Fantasy Football Six a Side?

The first thing you need to do to play fantasy football 6 a side is set up an account here. Once you have done that you need to pick your team for this week’s Six a side game. I find it best to wait until the teams have been announced to do this as then you guarantee your players will get maximum points. First, you need to select your sky sports elite player; this player is picked from only four selections. The idea is the elite players are the best two players from each team, and you are only allowed one of these players. You then need to pick five players from the squad; these are the rest of the players excluding the sky sports elite players. The idea is you pick the five players whom you think will score the most points in this weeks six a side game. Once you have picked your players you need to pick your power play period; the power play period is a 15 minute period in which all your player’s scores are doubled this is very important, and you need to get it right. The power play is split into 6 periods the first is 0-15, second is 15-30, third is 30-45, 4th is 45-60, fifth is 60 to 75, and last is 75 to 90, now one thing to note is 30-45 and 75-90 both include the injury time added on at the end of the power play period so if you pick these periods you get an extra few minutes often. Once you have picked all these things for your six a side team you then need to pick the golden goal time; the golden goal time is the minute in which you think the first goal will be scored. This is important to get as close as possible as if two people get the same top score, then the tiebreaker is done on the golden goal time. Once you have done all this you can submit you team and sit back and enjoy the game; you can keep up to date with the live scores of your players in the sky sports six a side match centre. Set up your Sky six a side account here.

How Does Sky 6 A Side Work?

The sky sports fantasy 6 a side scoring is pretty complicated you get points for lots of different things, so we will take you through some of the points about it.

Goalkeepers score points in lots of different ways in the six a side game; you are awarded 35 points for a penalty save, 30 points for a clean sheet, 9 points for a save and 2 points for a claim (or catch). You can also get negative points as a goalkeeper for conceding a goal this is -3 points. Set up your Sky six a side account here.

Defenders also get bonuses for a clean sheet which is 25 points, and they also get negative points for a goal conceded which is -3 points.

All players score points for the following in sky sports 6 a side game, goal scored is 35 points, chance created (or assist) 7 points, shot on target is 3 points, tackle made is 2 points, foul won is 2, interception is 2, block is 2, clearance is 2, aerial duel won is 2, successful cross is 1 and a successful pass is 0.5. You also get negative points for all players these are as follows, foul conceded -2, penalty conceded -3, yellow card -5, 2nd yellow card -5, own goal -10, red card -15 and lastly a missed penalty is -25.

What games are used for Six A Side?

The Sky sports six a side is nearly always from the Premier League big tv game every week, occasionally they pick a game involving other teams or even sometimes Cup finals. At the very least it is from UK football involving teams from the Premier League or Championship. Often it is similar teams with Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Everton and West Ham featuring a lot. You can test your football knowledge to see how much you really know about football and the players involved.

What are some tips for 6 a side?

Some great tips for playing sky sports fantasy six a side are to make sure you do your homework every week, pick the players who get on the ball a lot. Some players like strikers are only likely to be involved sporadically and may only gain points if they score, if you think they will score pick them if not leave them alone. Defenders are often some of the highest scoring players as they are on the ball a lot and make lots of passes and clearances. Pick players that have been in form the better they have been playing recently, the more chance they have of scoring big in the fantasy six a side game. Pick defenders that you think will get you clean sheets, these offer as many points goals nearly and are added at the end, so it is well worth the boost come the end of the game.

How does the Sky Six A Side game run?

The Sky Sports Six A Side game is all run off the Opta stats, and we use the Opta stats to make our six a side tips each week, so hopefully, we should be ahead of the game. Remember though it is completely free so well worth a go and is a bit of fun so why not have a game. The beauty of six a side is you can set up leagues involving all your friends, so even if you do not beat everyone in the world, you can at least beat all your mate and prove who has the best football knowledge.