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How To Read Form and Stats to Pick a Football Bet

How To Read Form and Stats to Pick a Football Bet

When you are picking a football bet, there are my things to take into consideration. Firstly I like to look at the form of the two teams that are playing in the game I’m looking at. As one of the teams may be in great form and the other may be struggling. Just looking at the form can also be misleading as one team may have just played all the top teams in the league, and the others may have played all the bottom teams. So I always have a look at who the teams have played during their last 5/6 games.  Once I have had a detailed look at the two teams form, I will then have a look at the head to head records between the two teams. I do this because some teams love to play against certain teams, and some teams love playing at certain grounds. Teams can be in great form but have a dreadful record when playing against a particular team, so it’s something to look out for.

Once I have done this, I will have a look for team news; this is to see if either team are missing any players for the game either from an injury or suspension. If teams are missing a lot of players for the game, this can reflect in the odds and the way I look at the match. This is because if one team is missing first team regulars, such as if a team was missing one of their top goal scorers then it could reduce the chances of them scoring in the game.

Once I am happy with the team news, I like to look at the match stats, which you can find here on our site for every game.  There are so many markets you can bet on apart from the win draw win markets. There is often plenty of value in the other markets as people can’t be bothered to look for them. Goals in the games are now an attractive market to bet on; I would look at the match goal stats for this.

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