How to bet on the Rugby Six (6) Nations

Rugby 6 Nations Betting Guide

The Rugby Six Nations is the Northern Hemispheres biggest Rugby competition, it involves 6 teams from Europe all playing each other once for the tournament prize. The 6 nations tournament is a league type format in which the teams alternate each year between home and away, each year the tournament is played in late winter and early spring between six nations. Each team plays each other once and you can gain 4 points for a win 2 points for a draw and 0 points for a loss, recently the Six Nations has implemented a bonus points system which means you can now gain a bonus point for scoring 4 or more tries or a bonus point for losing by 7 points or less. The Rugby Union implemented this to improve the style of Rugby and it worked in its first season, to ensure that any team that wins all their games still wins the Championship they implemented a system in which you get 3 points for winning all your games. This means if you win all your games you are guaranteed to win the tournament. The Six Nations is played between England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy. The Italians were only added in recent years as it used to be the 5 nations, there has been talk in recent years of having a relegation system to allow more teams a chance in the Six Nations but so far there has been no movement on this. In this betting guide we will take you through some of the different betting options you have for the Six Nations as well as some of the different options you have during in the tournament. As well as this betting guide we also have our Rugby Union betting guide which should be able to answer any questions you have. You can check out all the Six Nations free bets here.

Game Betting Two Way (To Win)

This market you are betting on a team to win the match, should the game finish a draw then your stake will be refunded, draws are rare in rugby but do happen, this is similar to the draw no bet market in football. All these markets are also available for the 1st half and 2nd half markets.

Game Two Way Betting Handicap

As often Rugby matches are a little one-sided the bookmakers give one team a points lead to help make the game a little more even at least in a betting sense, a team may start with a +/- at the start of the game. If the team starts with a plus they must lose by no more than the + points, if the team starts with a – they must win by at least this margin. A good example is if Italy starts with a + 20.5 against England they must lose by no more than 20 points to win, if England win by more than 21 then they beat the handicap and win the bet. All these markets are also available for the 1st half and 2nd half markets.

Game 3 Way Betting

This is the same as above accept these markets are 3 ways so they involve a draw, as said draws are rare but do happen so you may get slightly better odds but you have the added risk of the draw. This market does also allow you to bet on the draw with the handicap and with the to win line. All these markets are also available for the 1st half and 2nd half markets.

Double Result

This market is betting on the combined 1st half and 2nd half results, this bet is on the outcome of the 1s half and the 2nf half. An example of this is if you bet on England/England then you would need England to be winning at the end of the first half and the end of the 2nd half. You can also bet on combined results so say the Tie then away win.

Alternative Handicaps

This is the same as the handicaps markets above except its a different line.

Race To Points

This is betting on teams to hit a set points margin first, often this is race to 10/20/30 points in order to win the bet the team you bet on must be the first to hit this points mark, alternatively, you can bet on no team to hit this points margin.

Total Points

This market is backing over or under a certain combined points total between the two teams if you back over it has to go over the sets points total if under than it has to be under the total points market. For example, if you backed over 47.5 points to win the combined total must be 48 points or more, if under then 47 points or less.

To Score First

This is betting on either a team or player to score first, this doesn’t matter if it is a try a penalty or a drop goal just whoever scores first. This is often a hard one to predict as it can depend who gets to receive the kick off.

Tryscorer market

This is betting on a player to score a try in the match, you can bet on the first tryscorer, last tryscorer or even anytime tryscorer. To score a try is to put the ball down beyond the opponents try line.

Winning Margins

In this you can bet on the amount of points a team will win by or a set points margin, you can also bet on the exact points margin you win by. This often offer value.

Six Nations Tournament Winner

This is betting on a team to win the Six Nations or to finish bottom of the Six Nations. In order for your bets win you need to team you back to win the tournament if you backed tournament winner. This is when the team finishes top of the league table at the end of the 4 games of the tournament.

Six Nations To Finish Bottom

This is backing a team to finish bottom of the Six Nations table at the end of the tournament. The team that finishes bottom has the least amount of points.