How to bet on Cycling

Cycling Guide

The following guide will explain the different markets there are available to bet on in cycling and what they really mean.

How Cycling is won

As far as gambling is concerned, cycling is perhaps one of the less popular sports in the betting market, but there are a range of lines available to bet on, particularly around the time of a major event, such as the Tour de France. Cycling has a number of different permutations in terms of winning. Races can be won outright, and people will fight to claim specific jerseys. For example, the yellow jersey is given to the outright leader of the race, whilst the green jersey is awarded to the rider with the most sprint points. Here, we will explain what different markets there are available to bet on in cycling and what they mean.

Cycling markets explained

Here we will explain how cycling betting markets work, along with how to place your bets and profit from them.

To win outright

Betting on this market means you are selecting who you believe is the outright winner of the event across the multiple stages. This market comes with the option of an each way bet, meaning you are covered to make some money so long as they finish in the top three/four (will be specified by the bookies).

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Points Classification

This is essentially betting on who will win the green jersey in the competition. Points are given for high finishes in a stage and for winning intermediate sprints, meaning they do not have to be an outright winner to win the points classification.

King of the Mountains

The King of the Mountains award is given to the cyclist who has been the best climber of the competition. The leader of this wears the polka jersey and cyclists are awarded points based on the difficulty of the mountain they are climbing, the greater the challenge completed, the more points scored.

King of the Mountains match-up

To win this selection, you must select which one of two chosen riders finishes with the most points in the King of the Mountains in a head-to-head contest. The bookies themselves predetermine the match-up, and you must decide which rider you think will come out on top.

Points classification match-up

Similar to the King of the Mountains match-up, in this market, you must choose between one of two riders who you believe will come out on top in a head-to-head meeting, this time for the green jersey and sprint competition.


This match-ups market is for an outright lead for points where you are backing who you feel will finish highest in the overall leaderboard between one of two riders. With fewer stipulations involved with this market, it is the most popular match-ups line out there for punters to play with.

To finish in the top three

Essentially an each-way bet, punters can back a chosen rider to finish in the top three if they choose to do so. However, they can also back against a rider finishing in the top three if they feel they will not have a successful competition, with the odds on the more favoured riders generally quite attractive in finishing off on the podium.

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Number of stage wins

In big cycling events, there are a number of stages; meaning riders have numerous opportunities to pick up a stage win. In this line, punters must back either under/over, with the favourites given a higher mark to work from (Chris Froome, over/under 2.5) and the less fancied riders will be given a lower starting point (Adam Hansen (over/under 0.5).

Top 10 finish

To be successful in this market, punters must select whether they feel their chosen rider will or won’t finish inside the top 10 on the outright leaderboard. While the favourites receive extremely low odds (around the 1/6 mark), it does, however, give punters the opportunity to back a less fancied rider who they may fancy to do well, whilst also increase the chances of seeing a profit.

Young rider classification

The young rider classification is a separate competition in which riders below the age of 26 compete to hold the white jersey. To win in this market, you must select the outright winner of the white jersey based on who you think will finish highest on the overall leaderboard at the end of the competition.

Number of riders to wear the yellow jersey

Essentially what you are betting on here is how many different riders will top the overall leaderboard come the end of the competition. This is an over/under market, with the lines generally offered at 4.5 and 5.5.

Number of finishers

To win here, you must correctly predict how many riders will complete all stages of the race within an over/under market. The size of the race will depend on the number you are given to predict over/under, with a race such as the Tour de France offering 160.5 as a guideline.

Stage match-ups

The stage match-ups require punters to select which rider they feel will finish highest on the outright leaderboard on the selected individual stage. This market will update after each stage of the race and may mix and match different riders to each other which are more accurate to their performance on display in previous races.

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