How to place an each-way bet

How to place an each-way bet

An each-way (ew) bet is one bet made up of 2 parts, the win and the place. The win part is if your chosen selection wins the event that you have bet on, the place part is if your chosen selection to win or finish in any of the place positions (2nd, 3rd,4th, 5th). The places positions will be for different events depending on the numbers entered at the start. Most bookmakers will offer ew bets on anything that has a place market.

Each way bet stakes and payout

First of all, when placing your each-way bet you must remember that because you are placing 2 bets within one your stake will be doubled. So if you backed your chosen selection and you want to put £1 on it but you want to back it each way then your stake would be £2 in total. Alternatively, if you only wanted to place £1 total you would place £0.50 in the stake box.

If your chosen selection wins then you will be paid on both parts of your bet (Win, Place), but if your selection only places then you will lose the win part of your bet and that part of the stake, but you will win on the place part of your bet. When paying out on your place the bookie will pay a percentage of the start price, and this will be different from bookie to bookie but the percentage will be on display before you place your bet.

Each way odds explained

If you have taken the price at the time when you placed your bet, then the win price will never change, so the winning payout on your bet will be the same. If your selection finishes third then here is an example of the payout.

  • You backed a horse at 20/1 and finishes third you will lose the £1 win stake
  • Your £1 place stake will be paid by your bookies each way odds offered before the race, but this is normally 1/4  or 1/5  of the starting odds.
  • 20/1 at 1/4 odds would pay,20 divided by 4 = 5. £1 x 5/1 = £6
  • 20/1 at 1/5 odds would pay, 20 divided by 5 = 4. £1 x 4/1 = £5

How to place an in each way bet

It’s very simple to place an ew bet, select your bet as you would any other, then once it’s in your bet slip put in your stake and then tick the ew box. Once you have done this click submit and your bet is placed.