How to place an Accumulator

How to place an Accumulator

In this article, we are going to show you how to place an Accumulator also known as “Accas”, “Multiples”. An accumulator is a combined bet of more than one selection on a series of events up to any number of selections, at William Hill’ this is 14, in some other bookmakers cases you can place up to 20 combined selections, for example, William Hill allow up to 20 selections. Check out all our football accumulator tips here.

How does an Accumulator work

An accumulator multiplies the odds of your selection to give you combined odds for your selections. An example of this would be four selections at evens which would be worked out by multiplying 2.0 (evens) 4 times to give you a total combined odds of 16.00 (15/1) meaning a £10 bet place on this accumulator would return £160 including the £10 stake. To the left, we can see an example of this.

For an accumulator to win all of your selections must win or a selection can be a push/void but this will then recalculate the odds of your accumulator as the odds on your selection will be removed from the bet.

For example, if one of the selections at 2.0 (evens) had void/push this would result in the odds being reduced to 8.00 (7/1) See pictured on the left.

With dead heats, the odds on the selection in the accumulator are reduced using the standard rules of the bookmaker you have placed the bet with.

With accumulators, you will normally find that there is a maximum win of £2 million which means if the odds of your selection are 10,000/1 your max bet will be £200 anything over this will not be worthwhile as  William Hill are only liable to pay you a maximum payout of £2 million.

How to place your accumulator

To create an accumulator make your selections and load them on to your bet slip (just like we show you to in the how to place a bet article).

Once loaded as above head down to the multiple bet options and select the highest possible “folds” that matches the number of selections in your bet slip as this will be 1 single bet rather than the other multiple selections. Click the unit selection box next to this and enter your stake. If you want to bet £1 simply enter 1 in the box. Double-check your total stake at the bottom of the slip. This should read £1 if you have entered your stake into the appropriate box then when you’re happy click “place bet”.

Once this is complete your bet will have been placed and accepted. It is then time to sit back and follow your results! Good luck!