How to place a Yankee bet

How to place a Yankee bet / What is a Yankee bet

So you want to know what a Yankee bet is? Or how to place a Yankee bet? You have come to the right place. Here we will take you through what a Yankee bet is, how to place one and how they payout. As well as this, we will show you the best way to profit from Yankee’s. So a Yankee is a multiple bet where you will need to make four selections,

A Yankee is made up of 11 separate bets within one bet slip, and the 11 bets are as follows.

6 x Doubles

4 x Trebles

1x Fourfold

As long as two of your selections wins then you are guaranteed a return. Also, the more of your four selections that win, then the more you will return but you aren’t guaranteed a profit.

How To Build Your Yankee

Firstly, to build your Yankee, you will need to pick your four selections, which is shown on the left. You can find out how to navigate and find your bets in our ‘how to find your bet guide’ here.

How To Place Your Yankee

Once you have found your four selections in your bet slip you will need to scroll down to multiple bets where you will see the Yankee; then you will need to enter your stake now as it has 11 bets in the stake box it will have 1x and we are going to put £1. So 11 x £1 our overall stake will be £11, then you have to click bet now to place your bet. You can see the selection highlighted to the left, as well as that you can see the total stakes selection.

How do I Win

For your Yankee to win, 2 of your selections need to win, although if only 2 of your selections win it’s unlikely that your payout will cover your original stake. So the more of your selections that win, the greater your return will be. For the best results, I suggest bets at 1/1 (evens, 2.0) this will give you good payouts.

What is a Yankee bet

A Yankee bet is four selections in total and is very similar to a Lucky 15. The bet is made up of 6 doubles, four trebles and a four-fold from the four selections. This bet is often used for football and horse racing bets.