How to place a Trixie bet

How to place a Trixie bet – What is a Trixie bet

So you are wondering what is a Trixie bet? Or how do I place a Trixie bet? Well, you have come to the right place as we will endeavour to explain this to you. Below we will take you through all the steps you need to know so you can place a Trixie bet and hopefully profit from it. A Trixie bet is three selections that are made up of 4 bets,  3 doubles and one treble.

To put it simply you are picking a treble and have the added bonus of 3 doubles within your selections also being added to your bet slip. This will give you lower odds than that of a straight treble, however, increases your chance of making a return on your bet. You can use any kind of stake on these and some bookmakers even allow you to use free bets.

How does a trixie bet work

You are placing 4 bets in 1 wager, the 3 selections you have picked will be broken down into 3 doubles, this increases your chance of making a return on your bet. Because you are placing 4 different bets in a Trixie, the bookmaker will multiply your stake by 4. This can be seen below in the ‘How to place a Trixie bet’ area. Trixies are very often used for horse racing, so why not check out our horse racing tips here.

How to place a trixie bet

In order to place your Trixie, first of all, you must find your three selections for the bet. For my selections, I am looking to place a bet on the following three horses to win:

Salute The Sun in the 12:30 at Vaal (SA) race 3

Jin-go-lo-ba in the 13:05 at Vaal (SA) race 4

Hit The Lights in the 14:00 at Chepstow race 1


Now I have entered my selections the next step is to find the option to place a Trixie. To find that market you will need to select ‘Multiple Bet Options’ as highlighted below in red.

You should now see be faced with the above options; I have highlighted the Trixie box in green which is where you are required to enter your stake. The first thing that you will notice is that when you input your stake in the Trixie box, it will multiply your total stake by 4. As explained previously this is because you are placing bets on four possible outcomes, three doubles, and one treble.

Once you have entered a total stake that you are happy with clicking the yellow box which says to ‘Place Bet.’ This will then confirm your bet and will give you a betting receipt once it is confirmed.

How does my Trixie win

In order for your Trixie to pay, you need at least two of the outcomes to win, this way at least one double will pay off. A Trixie bet is mainly used for horse racing, and this is because the odds are generally higher. If you have three fancies, then you can put all in a Trixie and if one lets you down, you should at least still get some payout.

What is a Trixie bet

A Trixie consists of 3 selections in total. These 3 selections are then made into 4 bets total which are 3 doubles and 1 treble. These are very often used for horse racing.