How to place a treble bet

What is a treble bet?

So you want to know how to place a treble bet, or you want to know what a treble bet is. Well, you have come to the right place as we will take you through everything you need to know here. A treble bet is a bet made up of 3 selections/outcomes with the hope of making a profit. All three bets must win in order to make a make a return, should any of your selections lose the bookmaker will settle your bet as a loss, meaning you lose your full stake.

How does a treble bet work?

A treble is one of the simplest types of accumulators to place, second only to a double. As said above the treble requires the punter to place three selections in order to accumulate profit. The treble works by the return of your first selection rolling over on to your second selection, the return of your second selection will then roll over to your third selection.

Essentially this increases your odds in order to return a higher profit, but this does come with greater risk as it only takes one selection to lose for the whole bet to lose.

How to place a treble

In this example, I will be placing a treble in the Matchplay Darts tournament. I would like to place a bet on the following three selections in one bet.

Peter Wright to beat Kim Huybrechts

Stephen Bunting to beat Ian White.

Simon Whitlock to beat Jelle Klaasen

So, first of all, I need to find the correct markets and select my bet (as seen on the left).

The next step is to find the option to place a treble. To find that market you will need to select ‘Multiple Bet Options’ as highlighted below in red.

The same method applies to placing a double as it does a single. You are required to enter a stake that you are happy within the box that says treble (highlighted in yellow).