How to place a Quad bet

What is a Quad bet?

So you want to how to place a Quad bet? Or you want to know what a Quad bet is? Well, here we will take you through how to place a Quad bet as well as explain exactly how they work. A quad is also referred to also as a fourfold (4 fold) in the betting industry. In simple terms, a fourfold is one bet that requires four separate selections to all be successful to ensure a profit. If any of your bets lose then, your fourfold will also be settled by the bookmaker as a loss, meaning you lose your full stake.

How does a quad work?

As said above the quad/fourfold requires the punter to place four selections in order to accumulate profit. The quad/fourfold works by the return of your first selection rolling over on to your second selection, the return of your second selection will then roll over to your third selection, and the return of your third selection will roll on to the fourth selection.

Essentially this increases your odds in order to return a higher profit, and this does come with an increased risk as it only takes one selection to lose for the whole bet to lose.

How to place a quad

In order to place your quad, firstly, you must find your four selections for the bet. For my fourfold, I am looking to place a bet on the darts.

Peter Wright to beat Kim Huybrechts

Stephen Bunting to beat Ian White.

Simon Whitlock to beat Jelle Klaasen

James Wade to beat Kyle Anderson

Now I have entered my selections the next step is to find the option to place a fourfold. To find that market you will need to select ‘Multiple Bet Options’ as highlighted below in yellow.

Once you have entered a total stake that you are happy with, click the box that says ‘Place Bet.’ This will then confirm your bet and will give you a betting receipt once it is confirmed.

How does my Quad win

Quads can have huge pay offs, this is because the profit accumulates over the four bets, this is the compound interest theory where you keep reinvesting your money on the next win. For a Quad to win through all four selections, need to either win or be a push/void.