How to place a double bet

What is a double bet

Now you have learnt how to place a single bet the natural progression is to learn how to place a double bet. The double is the easiest of all accumulators to place because it is only two selections. For a double to be classed as a winning bet, you will need to have picked two bets that have not lost.

Doubles are very popular bets with punters as they offer higher odds than singles and have a better chance of winning than multi-bet accumulators. Obviously, this comes with increased risk compared to a single bet but offers fewer variants than an accumulator, making it more likely to happen.

Generally, bookmakers will not allow punters to bet on the same event, so for example, if the first part of my double was ‘Peter Wright to beat Kim Huybrechts’ in the darts, I could not then make the second bet of the double ‘Peter Wright – Over 4.5 player 180’s.’ As seen below the bookmaker will highlight the incorrect bet type and not allow you to place it.

How do I place a double?

In this example, I will be placing a double in the Matchplay Darts tournament. I would like to place a bet on Peter Wright to beat Kim Huybrechts and my second part would be ‘Stephen Bunting to beat Ian White.’

So, first of all, I need to find the correct markets and select my bet (shown to the left).

The next step is to find the option to place a double. To find that market you will need to select ‘Multiple Bet Options’ as highlighted below in yellow.

The same method applies to placing a double as it does a single. You are required to enter a stake that you are happy within the box that says double (highlighted in blue).