Asian Handicaps Explained

What are Asian Handicaps

Asian handicaps are a relatively new way of betting that is offered on football matches. The teams are handicapped according to their form, so the better team will have to win by more goals for the person betting on them. The original Asian handicap system is from Indonesia but grew very quickly across Asia. Asian handicaps are a form of spread betting, and more importantly, reduces the possible outcomes in a match. The Asian handicap effectively have taken away the draw option and tried to make the game competitive to bet on giving each team, nearly a 50/50 chance of winning.

How to bet using Asian Handicaps

Football is one of few sports where a draw is fairly common, with Asian Handicaps the chance of a draw is eliminated by the use of the handicap that forces a winner either way. Asian handicap betting gives the underdog a chance of winning the game, by giving them a lead before a ball is kicked. However, one goal in the game can change everything in the betting for either team.

Here we will give you an example and a table of the handicaps and how they work.


Match: Manchester Utd vs. Liverpool
Handicap: Liverpool +1.0, +1.5
Explained: This handicap states that half of your bet goes on Liverpool to win, draw, or lose by less than one goal; and a half on Liverpool to win, draw, or lose by less than 1.5 goals.
If the final score is Manchester Utd 1-0 Liverpool, half your bet would be refunded due to draw (Manchester Utd 1 – +1 Liverpool, i.e: Liverpool lost by exactly one goal). The second half would win (Manchester Utd 1 – +1.5 Liverpool, i.e: Liverpool lost by less than 1.5 goals).


In-play Asian Handicaps explained

You can also bet in-play on the Asian handicap markets, but please be aware that you are betting on the remainder of the game. This means that if there have been any goals scored previously to you placing your bet they’re irrelevant to the outcome of your bet. The result of the bet will only be determined by the goals scored after you placed your bet. When you place the bet from then on is the result, imagine it is zeroed.

An example is if a game was team A 1 team B 0 and you placed a bet on the -1 Asian Handicap then effectively you are betting that team will win by two more goals from that point. So if team A won the game by three goals or greater your bet would win, if they win by two goals exactly then your bet would be void, if they win by only one goal, draw or lose then your bet has lost.