How to bet on Basketball – Basketball betting explained

How to bet on Basketball

Here we will show you How to bet on Basketball. It quite easy to explain Basketball betting but first let’s explain Basketball. Basketball is a very popular betting sport; its origins are in America, but it is very much a world game now. It’s popular due to the constant action which allows fans to get excited. Scores in the NBA are often in excess of 100 points per team. Below we will take you through the basics of the sport and how to place a bet on it. We have some excellent Basketball tipsters on staff so why not check out our Basketball bet of the day.

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Basic rules of basketball

  • Two teams made up of 5 players compete to outscore one another.
  • Each team tries to score by shooting the basketball through the hoop.
  • The basketball moves around the court by passing or dribbling (bouncing while moving with the ball). A player can not simply run with the ball in his hand.
  • 2 points are awarded when a player scores within the opponent’s ‘D’.
  • 3 points are scored when a player scores from outside the ‘D’ also known as the 3 point line.
  • Basketball is played over four 20 minute quarters (80 minutes total), this is not always the same depending on the level, College Basketball is different.
  • The winning team is the team with the highest points scored at the end of 80 minutes, or after overtime if it’s a draw.
  • If no team is winning at the end of 80 minutes, then a period of overtime is played to determine the winner. There can be no draws in basketball.

Outright winner

Either team to win including overtime.

Race To 20 Points

Placing a bet on a team to reach 20 points total first.

Double Result

This bet is technically a double bet. The first part of the bet is predicting who will have the highest points at half-time in the game; this is a 3 way market of win-draw-win. The second part of the bet is predicting the outcome at full time; again this is a 3-way market of win-draw-win.

Winning Margin

A market used specifically to make betting on basketball more appealable and competitive. This is betting on how much one team will beat an opponent within normal time of a game. You need to predict the correct team within a certain bracket of points.

Team with the highest-scoring quarter

Correctly predicting a team to score the highest number of points within a quarter in the match. So whichever team scores the most points in any quarter of the game will win.

Team total odd or even

A very simple market that is a 50/50 market. Place a bet on whether a team will end the match with a scoreline that is a multiple of 2 or not a multiple of two. If the team ends with 0 points, that will be classed as even.

Game total odd or even

Again very similar to above but you are placing a bet on whether the game will end on an odd number of points or an even number of points. For this the number of points will be added together.

Points spread

Works in a similar way as handicapping, you place a bet on either team to win by advantage of a number of points.

Game Totals

Overs and Unders market, place a bet on whether the game will have more points than the number shown or less points than the number shown.


The same as to win outright, simply select who you think will win.

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Fantasy Basketball

Fantasy Basketball is becoming increasingly popular with companies like Draftkings offering daily, weekly and yearly fantasy basketball leagues for avid fantasy sports fans. With fantasy sports now being one of the more popular things to bet on.