Paddy Power money back offers explained

Paddy Power money back explained

Paddy power offer a lot to try and bring more customers in all the time. Infact, they probably have the largest variety of offers that you can get on, on a daily basis. They do this to keep customers coming back all the time, which tends to work as they are one of the largest bookmakers in the world.

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Paddy Power Messenger

Paddy Power offers a messenger service which allows you to sign-up and receive all the best offers and promotions. This is a separate app which will send you notifications as soon as the offers are put out. This gives you the best chance to get the best deals as early as possible.


Paddy Power will put the money back offers in here, but will also do a lot more offers that may catch your eye.

Greyhounds Money Back Special

Paddy power offer a money back offer when betting on the greyhounds. If the dog you have chosen finishes in second place behind the favourite of the race, you will get your money back. However, if your greyhound finishes in first position, then you will be returned with the normal returns.

Paddy Power usually does this kind of offer between two times which means there are only a certain amount of races that this bet is liable for.

There is a maximum refund for this at £25. So if you choose to put more than this one, you will be returned up to £25, but the rest of the stake will be lost. If your dog does finish in second position, your money will be refunded to you within 24 hours. If there are some joint-favourites, the offer also applies.

This offer applies to straight wins bets, as well as the win part of the each-way bet.

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Horse Racing Daily Money Back Special

Paddy power offers a money-back offer if your horse finishes second to the favourite on one meeting every single day. This gives you a chance every 24 hours to try and win some money, and if not, at least get your stake back in full.

This bit applies to single bets only, any others will count as void. If you have it in an accumulator, that will also not count. It applies for outright winner bets as well as the winner part of the each-way bets.

If you want to qualify for this, you must put a stake of £20 or higher. If you don’t, you will not be liable for the refunded money.

Just one qualifying bet will count, so you can’t go putting money on every horse in the race. If you do this, you will not be refunded a penny.

After the race, it should only take 10 minutes for your money to be refunded which is great as you’ll have time to go on and bet on the next race.

With this being active every day for customers, you can pick and choose when you want to do it.

T20 Blast Sky Sports Special

Another money back offer that Paddy Power offer is in the T20 Cricket. This one is very simple to understand. If the team you have backed scored 175 over in the match and happen to lose, you will be refunded your stake. There is a £25 limit on this bet, so if you go over, and it loses, you will only be refunded up to £25.

This offer applies to bets placed before the game on either of the teams to win. If you do have a refund, it will be in your account before 12 the following day.

Another key point to this is that it is on all games shown on Sky Sports, so if it isn’t shown on Sky Sports, the bet is not active. So be careful and make sure before you place the bet.

If you use a free bet to do this, that will not be returned just so you are all aware. You can not get this bet in stores. It is only liable for online, mobile, Phone, Messenger and Text.

Paddy Power have cricket rules that you may want to check out before you place the bet also.

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First Goal Scorer Special

This bet was used a lot throughout Euro 2016. On this one you choose which player you think is going to score the first goal. If they do, you will be returned with the odds shown. However, if he doesn’t score first, but they do at some point in the game, you will be refunded the full stake.

Refunds will be put back into your account within 24 hours if it does come in. If the player does score first, the bet will be settled straight away. This is active on certain games only. The best way to know which ones is to get Paddy Power Messenger. They will send you a notification when the offer is on, along with the rest of them mentioned.


With all of the money-back offers mentioned, Paddy power have the right to override the refunded money or claim back the money if there is clear evidence that something had been done to make the outcome higher. This would include using multiple accounts to make sure you are winning.

There are many different offers they have apart from money back ones, but these are all great to have a go at. As mentioned, if you download the Paddy Power Messenger, you have the best chance of seeing when these deals are up.

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