DraftKings fantasy rules

Draftkings fantasy rules

DraftKings is quickly becoming one of the biggest online methods of fantasy gambling in the world. It takes the concept of real life sporting events and turns it into a game of its’ own, allowing players to make their selections based on whom they believe will perform well that week.Check out our article on how to use Draftkings here.

DraftKings is a member of the new innovative form of daily fantasy sports, where players and users of the platform have no long-term commitment or obligation to check on their team each week to ensure they are finishing top of their season-long league. Instead, players can select multiple teams each week to enter into weekly competitions, potentially cash prizes.

Players can use one team in multiple leagues or select an individual team for each respective league they enter; however you can only enter one team per league.

The sports available on DraftKings are baseball, American football, ice hockey, basketball, golf, football, Canadian football, MMA, Nascar and the virtual game League of Legends. Each of these is structured in the same concept, where you are given a salary cap of $50,000 to select your team.

The number of players you must select depends on the sport you are playing, of which you can see below:

5 – MMA,
6 – Golfers, Nascar
7 – Canadian Football
8 – Basketball, Football, League of Legends
9 – American Football, Ice Hockey
10 – Baseball

You cannot select any player as you choose, you must have a certain amount of players to fit the criteria of the role they play in their team. For example, in basketball, you must select a PG, SG, SF, PF, C, G, F and utility player.

Naturally, the better players cost more money in the game, meaning you potentially have to sacrifice and budget in other areas if you want to get superstars in your team. Selecting LeBron James in a basketball side will naturally take away a significant chunk of your salary cap, of which you must stay under or equal to enter your team into a league.

DraftKings works with a point system, whereby players score points based on their performance in real-life games. To use football as an example, players score points for achievements such as goals and assists and the better they play, the more points they will score.

Leagues vary in whether or not you have to pay for entry, although it should be noted the general consensus is the paid leagues will offer the big prize money. However, that is not to say it is a rule set in stone, with free leagues sometimes offering some big cash prizes for those competing.

DraftKings presents a realistic and fun way of using your sporting nous to make money and is easy to get involved with. If you fancy yourself as somewhat of a sporting expert, DraftKings could be just the game for you.

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