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Grosvenor Casino Review

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Grosvenor likes to call itself the “Biggest casino brand in the UK”, and they may be as far as brick and mortar gambling houses go. Certainly, their 2013 acquisition of Gala and the 19 casinos they gained from them went a long way toward ensuring that statement is true. But we’re not here to talk about bricks and mortar; we’re here to discuss virtual; as in online betting. And even there Grosvenor are a major player. Or at least they’re trying to be.

Translating land-based success to cyberspace doesn’t always work out the way betting companies want it to. There are a lot of things that could go wrong: a poor website design, sub-standard software, poor customer service that turns people off. In this review, we’re going to focus on whether or not Grosvenor have been successful in making the move from real to virtual with an emphasis on their online sports betting operation.

Grosvenor Website

The sportsbook portion of the Grosvenor website is clean and relatively easy to navigate. From the company homepage, you’ll see a little white ‘new’ flag over the Sports section indicating just how recently the company have dipped their toes into online sport betting. The website offers a plethora of sports and a fair amount of markets for each. During our trial of the site we didn’t experience any significant problems and were able to find those matches we were looking for, both in-play and not, and place our wagers without a hitch. There’s clearly an emphasis on football on the Grosvenor site, and that’s fine because other sports are not squirrelled away, they’re there clearly visible should you want them.

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In-Play Betting

Grosvenor offer a full range of in-play betting markets on an impressive array of sports including:

  • Football
  • American football
  • Horse racing
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Australian rules football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • Snooker
  • Cycling
  • Surfing
  • Tennis
  • Handball
  • Skiing
  • Motorsports
  • Ice Hockey

As we mention, Grosvenor clearly prefer football, but that doesn’t mean other sports are poorly represented. On the whole, the in-play betting on Grosvenor’s website is very good. Like Mr Green and some other betting sites though Grosvenor does not offer live streaming of matches and we’re going to repeat a question we’ve asked before: Why? We can’t really answer that since we’re not privy to what’s said in Grosvenor Board meetings, but we’d sure like to hear a reasonable excuse for excluding live streaming.

Grosvenor Casino Bonus, Grosvenor Casino Free Bet and Promotions

While there are plenty of Grosvenor casino bonus offers out there we couldn’t find any that were specifically orientated toward the sportsbook. Unless you want to count the generic Grosvenor Casino welcome bonus which we will do, but only reluctantly. The Grosvenor Casino welcome bonus is a fairly unspectacular £20, and you’ll need to deposit £20 to claim it.

Other offers? – Grosvenor, perhaps because of their land-based history, tend to offer the bulk of the Grosvenor Casino bonus as well as any Grosvenor Casino free bet offers to people who go to the trouble of actually visiting one of their land-based casinos.

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Deposits and Payments

Deposits and payments are no big deal when you’re dealing with Grosvenor. They’re handled quickly and safely without excessive delays or fees. Currently the following methods are acceptable when betting with Grosvenor:

  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Master Card
  • Maestro
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Ukash

What We Like About Grosvenor

In general, Grosvenor don’t seem to fully understand yet what it takes to create a dedicated following of punters. But more on that in a minute. We like the range of in-play betting options and markets. We like the competitive odds on the football markets. We like the clear, intuitive navigation of their website. We like the numerous payment options. We like the fact that they pay off in a timely fashion without having to ring them up and bother them about it. We like the Grosvenor Casino Welcome Bonus (although it could be bigger), we like that there are some Grosvenor Casino free bet options in play for the more traditional casino offerings (though that doesn’t help us sports fanatics) and we like that the Grosvenor Casino Bonus can be claimed by pretty much anyone doing business with them.

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What We’re Not Crazy About

We’re not crazy about the fact that the Grosvenor Casino Welcome bonus is the only bonus punters can cash in on. We love football but we don’t like the fact that other great sports seem to have to take a backseat to football in a few sections of the site. We don’t like that there’s no live streaming of sporting events and frankly don’t understand why that would be. And we also don’t like the colour scheme of the website, although that’s pretty small beer indeed. While we’re at it: we don’t like that the site is so UK centric and we don’t like the fact that it’s only available in English.

Grosvenor Bookmaker Conclusion

Although we may sound like we were generally unhappy with the Grosvenor Casino online sportsbook we really only take serious issue with the lack of bonuses and promotions as well as the lack of live streaming sports. Everything else pretty much ran as advertised and the site was generally easy to get along with. It needs to be re-stated that in this review we were shining a light on the sportsbook and any criticism of that aspect of their business does not necessarily carry over to their casino operations.

All in all the Grosvenor Casino online sports betting website will provide plenty to sink your teeth into, whether you’re a dedicated punter or just a Sunday afternoon surfer. They have piles of sports and markets to choose from and everything is laid out nice and clear. And as an added bonus if you tire of betting on the ponies or the footballers or the tennis matches you’re just a couple of clicks away from forgetting all about it by sauntering over to the other part of the site and picking up a Grosvenor Casino free bet.

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