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Here we have all the latest live football scores for today. SBAT’s scores page will provide you with all the latest action from today’s football including the latest results and live scores from La Liga, the English Premier League, The English Championship, the German Bundesliga, the French Ligue 1, the European Champions League, World Cup, International Friendlies and the Italian Serie A, along with just about every other world football league. Each game has in-play stats, a live feed and all the game statistics you would ever need. Our football live scores are updated every few seconds to keep you in tune with the live action.

Here at SBAT, we pride ourselves on providing you with the very best football live scores updates, unlike Sky Sports and BBC scores we provide up to date live scores with all the statistics on the game as well as lineups and head to head stats. For the major leagues we provide an in-depth preview, for all games we provide in-depth statistics, in the head to head data you can look at all the head 2 head stats for both teams, in the match centre you can view all the major incidents in the game and lastly you can view the live season table.

Live football scores – our featured leagues

The English Premier League (EPL)

The Premier League has recently been rebranded as the EPL has been the top football league in England and Wales since its creation in 1992, replacing the First Division of the Football League. Each season twenty sides compete to become known as the Premier League Champions, and to qualify for the European Champions League.

Manchester United have been the most successful EPL side by far, winning thirteen titles. Chelsea have won it four times, Arsenal three times and Manchester City twice. In 2015-16 5,000-1 shots Leicester City shocked the entire football world when they won the EPL over their more fancied rivals, and by ten clear points. With teams such as Tottenham, Liverpool, Everton, Southampton and West Ham it is one of the most competitive leagues in the world. Each week we preview every EPL game.

Spanish La Liga

La Liga is the top football league in Spain, although its official name is the 'Primera Liga' – 'La Liga' is Spanish for 'the league'. The competition began in 1929 with ten teams, but had expanded to twenty-two teams by 1995. Two years later it was reduced to twenty teams in line with all other major European Leagues. La Liga is one of SBAT’s favourite leagues with some of the worlds top stars playing in the league. Each week we feature an in-depth preview of each match, as well as this we have all the La Liga live scores and lineups.

The league is dominated, as it virtually always has been, by Real Madrid (32 titles) and Barcelona (24 titles). The only other teams to have won La Liga are Atlético Madrid (10 wins), Athletic Bilbao (8), Valencia (6), Real Sociedad (2), Deportivo La Coruña (1), Sevilla (1) and Real Betis (1).

Italian Serie A

The premier football league in Italy is known as 'Serie A' (Italian for ''A' League'). This is one of the most competitive leagues in world football, with several of Europe's top teams competing for the title each year. It began in 1929 and has been running continuously ever since aside from the 1943/44 and 1944/45 seasons which were cancelled due to the Second World War.

Juventus have won the title a record 32 times – although that would have been 34 if they had not had their titles of 2004/05 and 2005/06 revoked for their part in the Italian match-fixing scandal. Other winners include Internazionale (18 wins), Milan (18), Genoa (9), Torino (7), Bologna (7) and Pro Vercelli (7). No other club has won Serie A more than three times. We feature a great write up each week for every Serie fixture along with all the latest team news and match stats. Every week you can follow the live Serie A scores on SBAT.

German Bundesliga

The Bundesliga (in English, the 'Federal League') in Germany is the most recent top-level professional league in Europe, having been founded in 1963. Before the advent of the Bundesliga, even the top German sides had to play in regional amateur competitions and semi-professional leagues. Unlike most other top-level European leagues there are only eighteen teams in Germany's top flight. The Bundesliga is arguable the most exciting league in the world and is the best-supported league in the World with crowds averaging well over 40,000.

The Bundesliga has been dominated by Bayern Munich, the side having won the title twenty-five times. Only five other teams have won the title during the Bundesliga's history – Borussia Mönchengladbach (5 wins), Borussia Dortmund (5 wins), Werder Bremen (4), Hamburger (3) and Stuttgart (3). You can check out our football previews and follow all the Bundesliga live scores for every game with SBAT.

We feature a huge number of football leagues from around the world on our live football scores page including Primera Liga (Portugal), Ligue 1 (France), Eredivisie (Netherlands), Primera División (Argentina), Serie A (Brazil) and MLS (United States).

International Club Competitions

The UEFA European Champions League

Widely considered the leading competition in the world for domestic clubs, the Champions League (as it is known informally) was created in 1992, replacing the previous top UEFA European competition, the European Cup. The league was created to provide Europe's top teams with more in the way of competition against their fellow top European sides. Winning teams now have to play a minimum of thirteen games in order to win the competition, as opposed to the previous European Cup total of nine.

Overall, Real Madrid have been the most successful team in European Cup/Champions League history, winning their eleventh title in 2016 (six European Cup wins, five Champions League wins). Milan have won it seven times, while Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Liverpool have all won it five times. The other teams to win on more than one occasion are Ajax (Holland, 4 wins), Internazionale (3), Manchester United (3), Juventus (2), Benfica (Portugal, 2), Nottingham Forest (2) and Porto (Portugal, 2).

The UEFA Europa League

The Europa League is the secondary competition for the best domestic teams in Europe. It replaced the UEFA Cup in 2009, having been created in 1971 itself to replace the Fairs Cup. To qualify for the Europa League teams must finish high in their domestic leagues, win a domestic cup competition or be knocked out of the qualifying stages of the Champions League.

Sevilla are the most successful team in the history of the UEFA Cup/Europa League, having won the title in 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015 and 2016. Juventus, Internazionale and Liverpool have all won it three times, while Borussia Mönchengladbach, Tottenham Hotspur, Feyenoord (Holland), Göteborg (Sweden), Real Madrid, Parma (Italy), Porto and Atlético Madrid have all won it twice.

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