Bet365 money back offers explained

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Bet365 money back offers explained

Bet365 offer many offers and promotions when you are signed up with them, and we will be going through them right here. Bookmakers do these kind of bets to keep customers coming back. If you are doing a bet which can have two outcomes for you to either win or get your money back, people will see that as a great offer to bring you in. If you haven't signed up yet check out the Bet365 bonus codes here. All these offers are on Bet365 mobile as well.


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Bore Draw

Here we will explain Bet365's bore draw money back offer. In football matches, if the game finishes 0-0, you will get your entire stake back if you have betted of specific markets. The markets that will return the stake are the following:

Correct score



If you cash out your bet, the stake will not be returned to you. If you have partially cashed out the bet, only the remaining stake will be returned to you.

There are some certain conditions to this, so you need to check before placing anything. If you have multiple bets in the selection, this will be treated as a non-runner. Meaning the bet is not active. This offer counts on all football/soccer games, for only the selected markets which were named above. You will only be returned your stake if the bet loses. As mentioned, if you cash out, you will not be returned your stake. If you partially cash out, you will only be returned the stake you left to run.

If anything you do is seen as cheating, then Bet365 have the right to cancel, reclaim or refuse to give you your stake back. But if you are doing it right, then they haven't got a right to, they must have evidence.

Penalty Payback

Here we will explain Bet365's penalty payback offer. In the tournaments, Bet365 will give you your stake back, if the team you have backed gets knocked out on penalties. For example, if you backed Italy at this year's Euro 2016, you would have been refunded your whole stake as they were knocked out by Germany through penalty kicks.


This offer applies to both outright winner and each way bets. For Euro 2016, they are offering it right up until the final of Euro 2016. So if you feel like someone will win the final, you can do it with penalties backing you up if it goes all the way. They often offer this on other tournaments throughout the year, so you will need to look out for it.


It is the same story as the bore draw, as in if you cash out your stake, you will not receive any of it back. If you cash out some of it, you will only be returned what is left if your team loses the spot.


If the team you have backed loses in the final of the competition, only the win selection in the each way bet will be refunded to you. If your team does finish in the each way, normal settlements will commence.

And once again, if something seems suspicious, Bet365 have the right not to refund your stake. 

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