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Matchbook was started in 2004 as a betting exchange that focused on US sports. They claim to offer bettors a competitive advantage with their liquid markets and low commissions. Matchbook enables clients to bet against one another at prices they themselves determine. As a result the financial risk traditionally borne by the bookmaker is eliminated and odds are quite often better than those you might get from one of those traditional bookmakers as well. Their earnings differ from other types of exchanges that only charge a commission on a winning bet because Matchbook charges a commission on every single bet, winning or not. 

In 2011 Matchbook was acquired by Triplebet Ltd which proved problematic for the service because it forced them to close all member accounts in the US. This dramatic change gutted the company’s financial standing and they’ve been attempting to rebuild liquidity ever since by focusing on expansion into Asian and European markets. The company is now licensed in the Channel Islands and by the Gambling Commission of the UK and is doing better but is still not quite back to where they were pre-sale. 


The website lacks a certain panache although the utilitarian design allows for easier and more intuitive navigation. Sports navigation is in the left hand column while odds and markets are in the middle. Your betting slip first appears when you make a selection and is displayed in the top right corner of the page. The betting slip winds up creating a 3 column layout that is easy to understand and effective for navigating while keeping tabs on your slip as you go. 

Because of the aforementioned liquidity issues matching bets can sometimes be a challenge. Matchbook doesn’t always have the kind of liquidity of football matches we’d like to see and as a result their odds can suffer by comparison with other sites. Perhaps ironically, although the company is no longer able to do business in the US where it cut its teeth it offers some of the best odds and most liquid markets you’ll find anywhere on typical US sports.

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In-Play Betting

Matchbook provide in-play betting on most of their sporting events including: 

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Horse Racing
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • College Basketball
  • NBA Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • MMA
  • American Football
  • Rugby Union

During in-play events there’s a delay of between 1 and 10 seconds from the time you submit a wager and the time it enters the market. Matchbook explain that the delay is necessary to ensure fairness in that it allows time for unmatched wagers to be cancelled in the event there’s a change in market conditions. Also note that there is sometimes a dearth of in-play offerings, particularly those originating in Australia.

Matchbook Promotions and the Matchbook Bonus Code

Matchbook bonus and promotional offers are few and far between but that’s probably to be expected of a company more concerned with raising liquidity than offering perks. As of this writing there is a $30 Matchbook bonus in play for new customers that takes the form of a $15 ‘back’ and a $15 ‘lay’ bet. But that’s about it. This type of Matchbook bonus is aimed more at professional players than amateurs out for a little weekend fun who typically want more immediate gratification from a promotion. To claim this perk you need to enter the Matchbook bonus code MAXCASH

Matchbook and other exchanges like industry leader BetFair typically justify their lack of bonuses and promotions by pointing out that they take a smaller commission which, in the long run, will result in more money in the customer’s pocket than if they were offering endless promos. While this is theoretically true it’s again the type of thing that appeals more to the serious player than the amateur.

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Deposit and Payment Options

Matchbook gives you a plethora of options when it comes to deposits and payments. They accept all the usual suspects for deposits including:

  • VISA
  • VISA Electron
  • VISA Delta
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Instadebit
  • Paysafecard
  • And other debit and credit cards

When it comes to payments the same cards and services apply although they also allow bank transfers, with a minimum cost of $35 per transaction. Most withdrawals are typically free although they have been known to impose fees if they deem the number of transactions on your account to be too high. As for customer service Matchbook offer live chat, phone and email contact. 

Things we Like about Matchbook

Matchbook has a lot of things going for it. They offer a lot of in-play betting options. A lot of ways to deposit and withdraw money and of course the Matchbook bonus at signup which you access via the Matchbook bonus code, MAXCASH. As with all betting exchanges you stand to take home more of your winnings due to the reduced fee imposed by Matchbook as compared to other betting sites. However it can take some time to get used to this type of gambling so you need to be careful as you’re finding your way not to overindulge impulses and the like. 

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Things we aren’t Crazy About

As mentioned already the company was bought several years ago which led to a protracted period during which they took an enormous financial hit and had to methodically rebuild liquidity. They are out of the darkest portion of the woods but their situation still means they can’t offer markets on a number of different events you might expect them to ordinarily cover. Also the lack of Matchbook bonus and promotional options while understandable isn’t something that we’re crazy about. 


Matchbook have done a commendable job rebuilding their company after a financial shock that would have put others under for good. Today they offer a wide range of in-play options and some of the best odds and most liquid markets available on US sports, which are an enormous part of the global online betting industry. We’re relatively confident the company will complete the job of putting itself back together and perhaps in the future even challenge the hegemony of Betfair. 

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