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Betdaq Exchange Review


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Betfair doesn’t have a lot of genuine competitors in the betting exchange arena, but BetDaq Exchange aspires to be one. BetDaq began service at the turn of the century without much fanfare and grew at a steady if unremarkable pace, until Ladbrokes moved in and snapped it up a couple of years ago. Since that time, and with Ladbrokes blessing, BetDaq has begun to make noise about their intention to become the new kings of the betting exchange hill, although to be sure they’re not there yet.

BetDaq exchange is, as we mentioned, a betting exchange. A betting exchange allows ordinary punters to set their own odds against specific outcomes. As such they become, in essence, bookmakers themselves. There are a number of advantages to betting exchanges for both the company and the bettors:


  • You can lay bets.

  • You typically get better odds.

  • You’re able to hedge your bets.

  • The exchange wants you to win because they take their commission off winnings.


There are those who insist BetDaq is a more reliable, faster working site than Betfair. If it is the difference, it is likely that the result of the former won't have to deal with as much traffic as the latter. The Betdaq free bet offer is unlike any other free bet offer around it is more of a money back offer, its not like a Paddy Power free bet offer or the Betbright offer.


Betdaq Exchange Website

The BetDaq exchange site is simple which is not to say it's retro or looks out of date. The designers have simply cleared away the clutter so you can have an unfettered betting experience. Which is something we’re always in favour of. Besides that what graphics there are hang off of a standard 3 column framework with betting slip on the right, odd and markets in the middle and sports on the left. The sports covered by the site include: 


  • Football

  • Horse Racing

  • Greyhound Racing

  • Tennis

  • Golf

  • Cricket

  • Rugby Union

  • Rugby League

  • Snooker

  • American Football

  • Basketball

  • Ice Hockey

  • Formula 1

  • Australian Rules

  • Boxing

  • Mixed Martial Arts

  • GAA

  • Darts


Remember that as a betting exchange the company does not offer odds. The odds are determined by the players, as is liquidity. So if being a bookmaker is something you’ve been trying to get into for some time a betting exchange like BetDaq is a great place to try your hand.  

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Exchange In-Play Betting

At any one time, there are a dozen or more sports in play in the live betting section with each sport typically represented by multiple matches/races. Just about every sport that BetDaq exchange cover is offered up in the in-play area.

As with most betting exchanges, there’s a delay between the time you place your bet and the time that bet enters the market. That delay may raise a few eyebrows among the uninitiated, but it’s actually necessary in order to allow time for unmatched bets to be cancelled. Also, the number of markets on particular in-play events is limited compared to what you’ll find on many standard betting sites. This is a function of the nature of the exchange system.


BetDaq Exchange Free Bet, BetDaq Bonus Offers and Other Promotions

BetDaq offer a fair number of promos beginning with the BetDaq exchange free bet offer for new customers. That BetDaq bonus means a new player can receive a BetDaq exchange free bet worth up to £30 for placing 3 bets of £10 each. It’s not the most generous welcome bonus in the industry, but it’s better than nothing.

There’s also another type of BetDaq bonus available for new customers wherein if they enter the promo code “BDQHALF” they’ll receive a 50% refund on commission for the first 3 months they use the site up to a total of £1000. This is one of the most attractive offers we’ve seen on any betting exchange and is certainly the BetDaq bonus most worth mentioning.

Saturday BetDaq Exchange Free Bet wherein you Bet on football on Saturdays and get an extra 10% on your winnings in the form of a BetDaq exchange free bet worth up to £20.

These and other BetDaq free bet offers and promotions are of course subject to change with little or no notice. Make sure you check in with the “promotions” section of the site when you log in before placing any wagers. 


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Betdaq Deposits and Payments

We can understand and accept some of the issues inherent in the betting exchange business model but when it comes to deposits and payments we don’t expect or appreciate any unwelcome surprises and here is one area where BetDaq miss the net. They charge a 1.5% “administration” fee on credit card deposits and a larger administration fee on some other payment methods. Not only that but the number of deposit and payment methods on offer is one of the shortest lists we’ve seen.


That said here are the currently acceptable methods for transacting business with BetDaq exchange.


  • VISA credit and debit

  • VISA Electron

  • MasterCard debit and credit

  • PayPay

  • Neteller

  • Skrill Moneybookers


They claim they keep the list short to enhance security. We’re sceptical about PR that attempts to cover shortcomings.


Things We Like About BetDaq Exchange

We’re not bowled over by too much of the BetDaq site although we like the design. It’s clean and simple, and navigation is easy and straightforward. We like the BetDaq exchange free bet and some of the other here-and-gone BetDaq free bet offers. Perhaps the strongest selling point of the site for new customers is the 50% refund on commissions for new customers. This applies for their first 3 months up to a total savings of £1000.

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What We’re Not Crazy About

We don’t like the “administration” fees for deposits one bit. We don’t like that there’s no live streaming. We don’t like the limited number of markets on some live betting events (although we understand it) and we don’t like the extremely limited number of methods to deposit and withdraw money.

Betdaq Exchange Conclusion

BetDaq claims to have its eye trained on the industry champ Betfair, but in truth, they have a ways to go before they’re in that discussion. For now, they’re a decent place for novices to get their feet wet in the betting exchange format but it’s likely that serious punters will want to look elsewhere for their primary action.


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