Tuchel left frustrated with UEFA

By: Phill Barrs

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Borussia Dortmund boss Thomas Tuchel was left frustrated with UEFA, after his side's defeat against Monaco in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final. In his post-match interview, Tuchel said his side were “Powerless” in the decision to reschedule the quarter-final, after the Dortmund team bus was caught up in a terror attack on the way to the ground on Tuesday evening. 

Emotions were running high when Tuchel gave his post-match interview to BT Sports.

"We were never asked, we were informed by a text message that the UEFA made a decision in Switzerland. It felt lousy. And that sticks with us," Tuchel said.
"It gave us a powerless feeling, like we had a job to do and nothing else mattered. It [the re-scheduling] didn't give us a good feeling.
"A few minutes after this attack, the only question that was asked was, 'Are you ready to play?'. As though a can of beer had been thrown at our window.
"At that time, we did not know the reasons for this attack. There is a feeling of helplessness. The date was imposed on us. What we think has not interested anyone. We weren't asked about playing the game.
"I encouraged all the players to take the game seriously. But football is not the most important thing in the world.
"We want to help all our players overcome their own internal conflicts from this. That was a bad experience.
"We wished for more time not only to process things but also to be able to play in our best form for our Champions League dream." 



In the wake of Tuchel’s comments, UEFA were quick to issue a statement. A UEFA spokesman said: "The decision to play the UEFA Champions League match between Borussia Dortmund and AS Monaco FC on Wednesday at 18.45CET was made on Tuesday night at the BvB Stadion Dortmund in cooperation and complete agreement with clubs and authorities.

"UEFA was in touch with all parties on Wednesday and never received any information which suggested that any of the teams did not want to play."

However before Tuchel made the controversial comments, UEFA's competition director Giorgio Marchetti told the BBC that the schedule of these clubs is completely full and the next round of the Champions League will take place in early May. This means it doesn't give the clubs much scope to play other than Wednesday night. 
Dortmund will now head to Monaco trailing 3-2 from the first leg. The German side will have to score at least twice if they are to make the semi-finals of Europe's Premier Cup competition. With Monaco boasting one of the best home records around this season, it will be a real tough test for Borussia Dortmund’s in a week's time. 


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