Super Bowl 52 (LII) Time, Place and Where to Watch

By: Darren Colebrook

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Super Bowl 52

This season Amerian Football culminates in Super Bowl 52 which sees Tom Brady's New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles. New England are appearing in there 10th Super Bowl final and are looking for there 3rd winning ring in 4 seasons. Philadelphia's last appearance in the Super Bowl was against the Patriots way back in the 2000's they are still looking for there first winners medal. As always the Super Bowl will be a huge event and this being the 52nd edition they know what they are doing. It will be huge with Justin Timberlake taking to the stage for the halftime show which in itself is normally worth the entrance fee. This match up on paper looks on even contest with the number 1 team in the Patriots taking on the number 2 ranked team Philadelphia. New England Patriots are priced as -4.5 favourites before going into the final but expect this to change as the game gets closer, immediately the bookies priced the Eagles as + 5.5 underdogs but the line has been moving all week. You can check out our full game Super Bowl 52 preview and predictions here, we also have some awesome free bets and bonuses to take advantage off and you can check out all our Super Bowl free bets here. 

Super Bowl 52 Place or Venue

When the Super Bowl committee got together several years ago to vote on the stadium to host the Super Bowl 52 it was a huge surprise when they selected the cold weather Stadium in Minneapolis, the temperatures in the city this week have been as low as -5. The Minneapolis Stadium in Minnesota is fitted with a rough and a climate control system along with an artificial pitch though so the weather conditions shouldn't affect the game too much. Both New England and Philadelphia both play in outdoor stadiums but are used to the indoor arenas so it shouldn't cause too many issues. 

Super Bowl 52 Time

Super Bowl 52 is due to kick off at 17:30 pm CET so thats local time in the USA, for UK viewers this will be 23:30 in the evening. Most the pre-match game shows will be starting around 22:00 with tons of build-up to America's biggest sporting event. The game itself should last around 4 hours with a prolonged halftime break for the halftime show which generally last around 30 minutes. the game itself can all depend on how quickly the two teams decide to play the closer the game the slower the play often so expect to be up until 3:30 am if you plan on watching. 

Where to watch Super Bowl 52

You can watch Super Bowl 52 in several different ways as a host of different channels have the game this year. On British terrestrial TV the BBC have the game and are showing it live from 23:00 this will air out until the game starts, they have there ow pre-match teams talking about the game. On British paid TV we have Sky Sports showing the game, the Sky Sports build up starts from 22:00 and they have entire team set to anlaysis and build the game up for us, Sky have spent serious amounts of money on NFL this season and have shown a host of live games so expect them to go all out for the Super Bowl show. Last choice is on the Internet through the Super Bowl live streaming service on the NFL website, if you have access to the internet you can stream this from anywhere. 

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