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After beating New Zealander Joseph Parker and unifying the heavyweight division titles, Antony Joshua is provoking fellow countryman Tyson Fury, telling him to “get himself in action.”

“When he gets himself together… boxing fans are awaiting his return. He has to get himself back in action… rather than sitting at home commentating on my fights.”

Fury took to Twitter after the Joshua –Parker fight, declaring himself the “true king,” pointing to Joshua's widely criticised performance.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Joshua said that he is focused on his career, working on his goals and advancing his career. Boxing fans and observers watered down his performance in the unification match where for the first time in his boxing career he was taken to the twelfth round by an opponent and failed to be furiously brutal.He won by a unanimous decision.

Fury hasn't fought since 2015 when he dethroned Wladimir Klitschko and held the WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight titles that are now part of Joshua’s prestigious collection. Joshua said that his urge to fight Fury is long overdue,

"After the Klitschko fight, that was a guy I called out to challenge me straight away, and I still mention it now," Fury is reportedly planning his comeback sometime this year, and it remains to be seen whether a tug between him and Joshua will materialise. Besides the need to prove and maintain his “kingship”, the former heavyweight champion is working to redeem his tainted image after a steroid test turned positive earning him a lengthy ban from the sport.

Upon his reinstated and after being declared free to fight again, Fury said: “I'm a fighting man through and through, and I've never backed down from anyone in my life, and I was certainly not going to back down from fighting this dispute.”

Meanwhile, Joshua is likely to face Deontay Wilder, and he has said that he wants the fight just as much as Wilder does.

“ Wilder’s my 100% attention. We’re about to make another offer to Wilder’s team – a very good offer that should create a lot of interest.”

Joshua is a man under the spotlight, and every heavyweight champion seems hell-bent to stop him. With three prestigious titles to guard, it is unlikely that the 28-year-old will rest easy. He is probably hitting the gym harder than ever before.

“I have a career and goals I want to achieve, so I am focusing on what I am doing.” Fury would love to have back the belts that Joshua has held in his absence, and a showdown between him and Joshua would make an exciting show.

Joshua has asked Fury to stop “commentating” on his fights and instead get his act together. “People don’t want to see a commentator,” Said Joshua, “He should be getting a bit of motivation and hunger back in the belly to get training and get back in the ring.” It is an exciting year, and boxing fans can look forward to a thrilling season ahead.

Whereas Fury will be looking to regain at least a belt from Joshua, Joshua will work jealously guard his hard-worn titles as well as work to scale up the ladder, make history even

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