VAR Some Way Off Being Used in Football League

By: SBAT Staff

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After watching the duration of the World Cup, most people are now up to speed with how VAR works, and when it can be used. While there are tweaks that need to be made to the overall presentation of the facts, we have made progress and this will eventually be the right thing to use. However, the use of VAR is a long way away from being something that the football league can adapt . The main reason is the lack of TV cameras that are at games in the football league.

The Premier League has a lot more cameras in use right now, so could implement VAR a lot easier than the football league. They have voted to not use the technology fully for the upcoming season, but have agreed to continue testing and development during the season, with a view to evaluate once again next summer. The other problamatic area for the football league is the number of additional officials that would be needed to man the roll out of VAR. Officials are at a premium and right now the most important focus for the football league is to have their best officials out on the field of play every Saturday, they don't want them tied up working as VAR officials away from where the action is taking place.

Should the football league decide to adopt VAR then it appears that this will be years from now. One thing they could look to do is to add VAR training to the current referee program, in an attempt to get current officials up to speed with how it works and what their role would be as a VAR official. When the current batch of referee's and linesman are too old to continue, a move into a VAR role could be a way they keep in employment when they don't have the fitness to run a game of football for 90 minutes. This would also ensure that the VAR war room is full of experienced individuals who have no doubt been in the situation they face during their time.

While it does need tweaking, the more leagues and competitions that have VAR introduced, the better it is for the game overall. Eventually we will get the system right, and when we do we will all wonder how we lived without it for so long. It appears to be some way off for the football leagues, but hopefully with some planning this can be something that is looked at when we have a number of current officials ready for retirement.

The football league season is just over two weeks away from beginning and teams are now finalising their plans. Stoke City are 5/1 favourites to win the Championship and bounce back at the first time of asking, with West Brom in behind them at 8/1 and Middlesbrough the only other team in single figures at 9/1.