Marcelo Bielsa Reveals Secrets in Bizarre Leeds Press Conference

By: SBAT Staff

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Since last Friday when it came to light that Leeds United had sent an employee to watch Derby train before their game, Marcelo Bielsa has been the centre of attention in the Championship. Leeds are top of the table right now, and with spying accusations amongst other things, there is a lot of attention on the club at the moment, as well as on their manager.

On the face of it, assuming that nothing else is found, then Bielsa and his team have not broken any laws when compiling their reports, although it is likely that the FA and EFL will introduce something to prevent certain elements of their work from happening again. Bielsa revealed his file on Derby in the press conference, showing that there is a lot more to their work than just simply spying on a training session to work out who is playing.

This is not simple tactical knowledge, this is in depth and to be honest marvellous work. What Bielsa is doing is basically pushing the boundaries to try and get his team all the right information they need to win a game. Isn't that what we all want our respective managers to do? Shouldn't we all be striving to employ and support a coach that puts in as much work as Bielsa, ensuring that Leeds will be without a doubt the most prepared team in the entire country week in week out?

No doubt all eyes will be on Leeds this weekend when they travel to Stoke for a vital game. It was mentioned in the press conference yesterday that alongside looking at Stoke, Leeds have also studied Luton, who the new Stoke boss Nathan Jones used to manage. As league leaders, Leeds go into that game as favourites to win, priced up at 11/8, while Stoke are available to back at 21/10.