Big Screen In Andover for England’s World Cup semi-final clash with Croatia is confirmed!

By: SBAT Staff

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With England having a historical run in the World Cup it has brought people from all different backgrounds to support the lads out in Russia as they look to ‘Bring Football Home’ for the first time since 1966. We at SBAT are also looking to make a bit of history for the town of Andover as we have been given permission to show the huge game on a big screen at Vigo Park (known to locals as Town Park) on Wednesday the 11th of July with entry, food and drink available from 5pm onwards.

Many before the tournament weren't feeling as confident as past years with all the heartbreak we have felt over the years. It now seems that is the way to go and the players definitely seem to be playing with a lot more freedom and in fairness look fearless against whoever they come up against.

With the lads getting to a crucial stage it is only right we as a town do something together to make it a memorable experience for everyone! The idea came up on social media and a page you may all know called Spotted In Andover. Mr North put it out there about the possibility of a big screen going up for the Sweden game on Saturday (GET IN), but unfortunately, there was not enough time to get all the permissions and finances together. But with us being so confident England would make it through to the semifinals, we contacted Mr North and the Love Andover team to put together a plan to make this happen.

Love Andover and SBAT had many discussions and it was clear this had to happen. Love Andover have been amazing, organising the event and getting everything in place and we at SBAT were always happy to fund the event for you all to enjoy (Hopefully, come on England!).

Quotes from both sides

SBAT’s Head of Marketing Liam Benton had this to say on the historic event: “As a world-leading sports content company we are excited to be able to help facilitate this first for Andover. We are committed to helping Andover raise its aspirations and providing this facility for the town, we believe people will appreciate and prove that big things can be done here.”.

Love Andover’s managing Director also had a few words, saying: “Local companies Moores Cleaning and KGF Cars, as well as newly independent town councilor Richard Rowles have all come together and contributed to make this historic event happen.

It is clear this will be a great evening for the town of Andover, but also as a nation. We cannot wait to see you all down there to cheer the Three Lions to victory!

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