Big Screen in Andover cancelled

By: SBAT Staff

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It comes with great regret that the Big Screen event in Andover at Vigo Park has been canceled for tomorrow’s World Cup game between England and Croatia.

We have received an email from Love Andover in the last hour to say they will be pulling the plug due to safety concerns.

Having already funded much of the event it is a huge shame we will not be able to go ahead.

Love Andover have come out with the following statement: 

"The planned large screen in Vigo Park to show tomorrow's England match has been cancelled The size of the event has grown significantly in the past 24 hours. Over 5,000 people were anticipated to attend what was billed as a 'family friendly' event. In conversation with Hampshire Police, it is now felt that the sheer size of the expected crowed would be impossible to manage. Bosses at Andover Radio say that safety concerns are paramount. Crowd safety and recent events in Andover where a police presence was required was discussed at great length with the Licensing Officer from Hampshire Police. In a series of phone conversations this morning, Police cited escalating disorder during and after England's most recent matches. An Andover Radio spokesperson said, "We are being contacted by over a hundred people an hour asking for information about the event, and hour-by-hour this increases our crowd safety concerns. "We feel that given the short space of time we have had to plan for this, we would be insufficiently equipped to ensure a secure and safe environment for all. "A lack of security and police who are deployed elsewhere is a significant concern. "We stated throughout the planning process that we are taking every single comment into account and now feel that this is the right decision." Andover Radio took on the challenge to provide a large screen football event after calls were made on social media by local man Adam North to arrange such an event. "Whereas the potential still exists for a relaxed, fun environment we cannot rule out the potential of there being an aggressive or uncomfortable atmosphere. Even bad language alone would be enough for the event to be ruined for many. "As such, we are devastated to take this very difficult decision to cancel the event. We want to thank and Test Valley Borough Council for their huge support leading up to the event."

It is disappointing from our point to say the least having funded the event already. We as SBAT only are looking at alternatives to try and make this still happen for the England v Croatia match tomorrow at a different venue.

We cannot promise it will be the case, but we will do everything in our power to try and make it happen.

You will be updated as soon as we have a final decision.

If you can anyway help us try to make this happen or have any suggestions on venues please feel free to contact us through facebook or the following email: [email protected] Thanks.

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