SBAT was setup in 2012 by Gary Gillies and Liam Benton.  The company has grown fast and we are allways looking to expand.

We hope by the end of 2015 we will provide the most detailed Football stats, team news and predictions.


SBAT Writers

  • Gary Gillles

    Gary Gilles Founder of SBAT. Sports addict, who would watch Sport 24/7

  • Liam Benton

    Liam Benton Director of SBAT, Avid Golfer and supporter of Birmingham City. Loves all sports.

  • Sam Turbitt

    Sam 'Tizzle' Turbitt of SBAT. A lifelong Newcastle United fan and one of SBAT's sports bloggers. Lover of all sports but particularly enjoys writing a...

  • Phill Barrs

    Phill Barrs of SBAT. Hi folks I'm Phill huge sports fan, love Football, Darts and Boxing. Massive Tottenham fan. Feel free to contact me [email protected]

  • Darren Colebrook

    Darren 'Daz' Colebrook of SBAT, Content editor who works on the backend. Daz loves his cricket and rugby.

  • Dion McArthur

    Dion McArthur of SBAT is our latest blogger to come onboard. Dion is a huge Liverpool Fan

  • Dean Carr

    Dean Carr of SBAT

  • Charlotte Louise Bushell

    Charlotte Louise Bushell of SBAT. Site Admin, slowly making sure the site has no Gaps.

  • Chris McRae

    Chris McRae of SBAT is our Junior Webdesigner, working on some of SBAT's new projects.

  • William Hall

    Will is a Saints fan and a football writer. He is also a good player.

  • Marius Hrebenciuc

    Content editor with good knowledge on football and tennis. Actually, a tennis addict who can watch games 24/7

  • Sajeesh Soman

    Sajeesh is a thorough Manchester United fan. Versatile writer with good knowledge on football & cricket.

  • Donald Gillies

    Donald is an avid sports fan with interests in Motorsport and Football.

  • Bharath Ramm R

    Bharath is a Chelsea fanatic. Loves football tactics. Full-time freelance writer.

  • Richard McTiernan

    Richard McTiernan is a freelance sports and betting writer based out of the South of Sweden but originally from the North of England. He has worked a...